Diablo 3 Closed Beta Impressions

Awesome, a message to tell me I am done!

So, I was able to play the Diablo 3 beta thanks to Jolau lending me an account. I played a monk which took roughly 3 hours to beat clearing every inch of the map every time.  At least that is much more then the Blade and Soul Beta. I would frap something down, but I was lagging a bit as is, recording would be out of the question.

Skills. This is probably my biggest gripe with the game. So they simplified the skills to such a degree. Back in the day when you anted to change your skills, you would remake your character. Now you got this list of skills and equip it into the slot. Looking at the 2 styles in comparison, this is better. The problem is the tiny, tree. Very limited number of skills with even a smaller limit on actual slots.

Graphics. They looked terrible for something that is suppose to be next gen. I was shocked when I opened the game to see such crap on my screen. The fate of any game that takes such a long production time, the engine gets outdated.

Nostalgia. They did this part really well. It has the exact same feel as Diablo 2 but everything was a bit more streamlined. I actually liked that they used the old music from Diablo 2, great nostalgia blasts.

Grind. As with the original, the grind is pretty heavy. It is the basis of the whole game, but 1 thing I did miss was exploring the dungeons. Going through every inch of the dungeon was just such an awesome feel.

Final verdict: Great nostalgia, but it just doesn't compare to other games coming out now. I'll probably just play it enough to get the lore, it was an interesting story. This game will never be as good as it's predecessor which redefined the genre.