Event 3

Been a while since last event, but I was busy. So here is the 3rd event:

Make a post somewhere on Aeria forums The post must include the Phrase "Pearz iz Awesumz"

The most awesumz invoative post made will win a top tier prize

The posts must last at least 10 hours, to give me and others a chance to see it

Link me the posts in comments

BTW: Event 2 had no winner. I love most my posts but 1 post of mine stood out the most as my favourite. the correct answer was this post. I loved it so much I got agitated when Aaro posted shortly after with a long post making my favourite post pushed down. My agitation was shown by Aaro reposting part of that post as a new post a couple days later.
It had a perfect combination of my thoeries, seriousness and an epic picture of Sinco saying I'm the only 1 to beat him. Hard to compete with that

I'll pick a best answer to win a lower tier prize a bit later


Event #1 +2

Soez first event will be simple

1) Name the FC I hated the most out of every FC ever released. First person to name correctly gets a Top tier. If no one can guess it, low tier prize to closest guess.
Event Won = Indi
FC - Fat Chance 150 AP
It carried the Zero, white fang, scatter SG, and pochi blade which were the biggest thing to happen to MT at that time. I dumped alot of IRL money on FC to get fillers that were so garbage I literally deleted a chunk of it. Add that piss off to the fact that I couldn't even obtain it in game due to rarity. I ended up paying vastly ( around 30 mil worth which is alot at that time) for that white fang and never even got a chance at that zero. To much grief ~sigh

2)Which do you think is my favorite blog post I made? Name it by the date/title. Same deal top if correct and first, low tier for closest.

(only 1 onion head today, I'm lazy)


Pearz' Official Give away Event

So its been quite some time since the Snake cave was added yet I can't seem to motivate myself to even try it. As such that marks any chance of any return to MT. With this I decided to give out my gear. I decided to reward the loyal followers of my blog and friends rather then just handing out to random strangers so everything related to this giveaway will be on this blog only. Here is a small tip, you tell your friends and more people will know, hence less chance you can win. Just a tip

This how it works, I was considering just handing out a chunk to my guild, but I realize I don't know most people in guild anymore hence anyone that FEELS they know me and I know them, drop a message here and you can get item of your choice from the Low tier section. I'll start running random events at random times with first person to finish gets a prize. (random = when It's convenient for me) IF you feel you are SUCH A PRO FRIEND and can get a high tier prize, you can try for that too

I will update this post as items starts leaving Here is list I compiled of stuff I have: You can also add in anything from my trade list.

High Prize:
Blue angel suit (thoth, bettle juice) - Indi
Rashmon (thoth, chuchu, 8CLR/0/5CLR) -Indi
Rashmon (Kali, Aeros, 8CLR/1Crit/3Force) - Michi
Kyoko (thoth, scales, (10/5/7/3/3,blunt and CLR) - Michi
Mailbreaker (thoth, Aquan (10/3/3/3/3, CLR, crit, Ice)
Mint Light purple (Thoth, Magic base Zodiac) - Azuno- hasnt picked up
Conviction (thoth. Beiji Weng, CLR 8, XPL 3)
FlameHorn (nothing, Gyuuki, 5/0/2, CLR and fire) - Only reason I owned one was for Ichi gold not PVP so low mods on it- Xed
Thunder Fang( earthy, empty, 9CLR/0/3Thunder)
30 mil ish ) - ( for alca hasn't picked up)
hanged man tarot - (Compact hasn't picked up)
23 sequencers-Indi -hasnt picked up
Anti-melee - Shin

Low Prize:
Holy charm ( thoth, lilith)
Mithra roar (thoth, uriel) - Shiki
Mithra roar( thoth, Lamia) - Shiki
BD earring CLR( thoth, Kuri-hime)
Sword comp F
Melee eyepatch (thoth, Virtue)
192 Incense of Strength - Indi
36 cups of emptyness
21 ultimate summon orbs
1 scales zodiac - Azuno
10 2x cabs - Indi
18 5x cups - Indi
3 link melons
3 OH melons
6 hyper repair kits
24 normal repair kits
28 Str syringes
9 balms
10 FM mirors
Santa skirt (thoth, scath) - Sakura
Heavenly snow (thoth, water bearer) - (Cody)
Blue angel skirt (thoth, skadi) - Indi
Powered gloves (thoth, athena)
Roping scarf (thoth, Expel zodiac) - (Amica)
Pretty much everything on my trade list (minus beach wave, and black medic that sold and hang man tarot + anti melee thats on high tier)

O ya reward for first person seeing this post (IE, most frequent /lucky viewer, 1 high tier prize, respond first comment)


More Randomness?

We have finally been able to start Heroics raids. Slowly gearing ourselves up, but still a way to go to catch up to some of the other players. At least were getting there, sigh, those other guilds and their more level 40s

1) So on Saturday, I picked up the news paper and saw this article. (just online version of it, I have paper version) I was so surprised to see an article with Allods in it, was screamed ZOMGZ!1!!

2) Have been neglecting my NDS and realized alot of new games came out that I have to play. The new Phoenix Wright game, Ragnarök DS, the new Megaten game: strange Journey, Infinite space, and Rooms: The main building. Don't know how long it wil ltake me to get through all these games but it sure will occupy a lot of my time

3) So by far my favorite anime this winter season was Durarara. Loved the surprise appearance of 2 of the main characters from Baccano (since same maker). Really enjoying this anime, only 2 more eps left.

4) Picked up also watching The Office (somthing random I can watch as I do raids) since I don't need to pay attention to it; Just listen mainly. Though first season was garbage, though it picked up in the later seasons. It's less bad now

5) So it took a while, but I found online radio for chinese music. For those that don't know real cantonese Radio is all talk shows. 9/10 are pure talking shows with last one being news So I was pretty ecstatic when I found this. It players canto, mando, and jap music but it's alright.

6) If you haven't noticed, I have realized normal ASCCII emoticons are not doing me justice. I have decided to start using onion heads to better display my EMOtions. I'll keep using them till I get bored


Soez a short update on Allods

So last couple posts were on Allods, but more randomness rather basic introduction/update about Allods.

So as of right now our guild only has a couple people. Rho, Aaro, Force, Cherisia, Kaitri, Maho and me. Of the couple of us, 4 of us hit level 40 and we have begun our astral ship building (that will take at least another month or 2 to finish).

As we wait for our astral ship, you get to do daily instance quests called Heroics to shorten your astral ship build time. Problem is we require a full 6 man level 40 team to do Heroics. Hence we decided to open up recruitment to find some fresh blood to help fodder for us in Heroics ^_^.

So that is about it. Now that I/we are 40, we log in do some daily repeat quests, then fail the Heroics (since we don't have enough people). That is pretty much it. Though I haveto revise a much earlier statement about leveling in Allods. It is actually pretty fast to hit that cap. Probably couldn't even hit level 95 in MT in time it takes to max level in Allods. Haz fun grinding to the impossible level 97 XD

Hopefully we can find some fresh meat to get up to 40 to help us in our end game content.


Rho's theory on the recent "Community Spotlight"

Community Spotlight: Archetype Guilds
Sunday, March 14 2010 - 10:00 AM
You'll find the Spotlight here.

"As part of our ongoing effort to thank our amazing community for all the time and energy they have put into making Allods a success we would like to dedicate this week’s Community Spotlight to some of the amazing Archetype Guides that our players have written and posted in our forums.

These guides are extremely thorough, well written and offer a great deal of advice for both new and veteran players alike. Whether or not you are playing that particular archetype, or simply would like to get an idea of what your competition is up to, check them out and let the writers know what a great job they are doing!"

Before we continue, let me take a moment here.

~elevator music~

~violent laughing can be heard in the background~

~Celine Dion sings "My heart will go on"~

~more elevator music~

Okay I'm back.

So basically, in order to sound 'involved' the GMs decided to toss rocks and pick up some random guides in the forums and front-page it for the world to see.

Unfortunately there were only six classes, I guess the rest of us are playing the wrong game; that or hackers are secretly adding content.

I'd like to point out just how much the GMs know about their game:
Necromancer: Lawful’s Necromancer Guide – by lawful
Must be the content adding hackers again, CAN'T ANYONE STOP THEM?!

Anyway, thats not the focus of my post;
As the title states, Rho has a theory. Now Rho's theorys aren't as well woven and deep like Pearz' so don't expect that, Rho can only pick up very obvious things within her frontal conal viewports.

The GMs are front-paging trash guides in an effort to lower the overall competence of the Allods populace ultimating in more people dying and an increased average buying of perfumes!

You don't think it's true? Lemme ask you this:
Why would I want to follow the guide of a Pally who decided his class was weak&underpowered and rolled a Healer in OB?

That is all.

~*+ Rho

Life in Allods

So been quite a while since I last updated but I have a matter of great head desking.

So today after an emergency maintenance there was an update in the item mall. They GM team prompty put up a thread to get feedback about it here.

Firstly I would like to say if I was a GM for Allods :

I would be dead from head desking so much the stupidity they have to put up on the forums is just................

So here is the TL;DR of the thread (though I don't know why you wouldn't read it even if only for the humor)
1. The prices of cashop is to high, I should be able to buy everything in Item mall for a P2P subscription cost, $15.
2. Why was my thread censored by Gpotato and all you do is closed and told to post in official thread.
3. The prices are SOOO outrageously high, do you expect everyone to swim in money? (btw 100 GP = 1 dollar, can look at price list of first post of thread)
4. "In American business you round your Dollar to the nearest ten, hundred, etc." (Comes from page 8 in response to me)

So hmmmmmzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *falls over dead from brain overload*

So lets begin:
1. The prices of cashop is to high, I should be able to buy everything in Item mall for a P2P subscription cost, $15.
The basic F2p model revolves around a larger player base and a smaller core of players that actually pay. To believe that you can buy everything for $15 is contrary to the whole idea of a F2P business model. If everyone that spent money only needed to spend $15, who is supporting those people that aren't paying?

2. Why was my thread censored by Gpotato and all you do is closed and told to post in official thread.
This was absolutely hilarious to me. To believe their being censored by being told to post in official thread is so...................... One glance at the forums and I see 8 different people that feel need to start their own threads cause their opinion matters more. Having a bit more organized forums = ceonsorship ~sigh sigh~

3. The prices are SOOO outrageously high, do you expect everyone to swim in money? (btw 100 GP = 1 dollar, can look at price list of first post of thread)
So apparently spending 22 dollars reskilling and restating = your SUPER RICH. Seriously, how old are these kids to believe 22 dollars is the end of the world? You can't even ride like 2 blocks in a taxi for that money............. let alone all the drinking you may have done to warrant that need for a taxi. lulz.

4. "In American business you round your Dollar to the nearest ten, hundred, etc." (Comes from page 8 in response to me)
This guy cracks me up. Brings up math then talks about rounding? Math has always been about precision and at MOST rounding the final answer. Rounding when convenient for him, what amazing math.

So all in all, kudos to GMs, if I had to deal with these people as a job, I would be pulling all their personal information from their accounts going to each of their houses and raise the average IQ of the world 1 person at a time.