SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked review

While I haven't even played the game (shoot me I know), I have collected some info, mainly review scores from various sites to provide a review of the game. Devil Survivor Overclocked is the exact same game from the Nintendo DS, however an extra day is added in the end with a complete overhaul of voice actors added. The majority of the voice-overs are in the final day. An additional 150 monsters are added but that still isn't enough for me to back up the idea of a re-make, but fans of the original say it's worth the buy. The game actually doesn't even try to take advantage of the 3D capabilities which is a real shame, save for the opening sequence and the Demon fusing. Overall the game did get a cleanup. The game itself does offer a much deeper story towards the 8th day, and being a sucker for story driven games I know i'll end up picking this game up eventually when I catch up on my stacked games-to-beat list.

The original game was a huge success, providing a mix of battle styles as this RPG brings a fresh and fun gaming experience with an captivating story line.

Final Comments: If you loved the original, well the game isn't much difference save for a clean-up and added content, it's a mixed feeling all around for whether or not you should spend the $40 on this one. If you haven't played the original (like myself) then it is HIGHLY recommended that you pick this up or grab the original as it is a great story line with plenty of customization action and RPG combat.

Rating from around the web:
IGN: 7.5/10
Nintendo 3DS Game Reviews:9/10
Games Radar: 9/10
Game Pro: 4/5
GameSpot: Critics give it an 8.2/10 while Users gave it a 9.3/10

On another note: Devil Survivor 2 is expected some time in 2012 for N.A. while it has been out since July 28th  for Japan. The game was developed for the original DS since this was worked on before they decided to re-make the original on the 3DS.