Cyberbully - Another Form of Natural Selection

Look, Mommy, they are saying bad things about me on the interwebz.

So, I rarely talk about "live action" movies, but I found this so mind-blowing that it needed a post. It actually just aired as a TV movie on ABC on Sunday; you can find it here. Now, I was expecting it to be pretty bad, since I've seen a lot of these bullying movies back in the day. I was actually pleasantly surprised - or, at least, at the start.

How do you go from joking about this comment to "too sensitive for the interwebz"?

It started off pretty strongly, with a very typical high school. Things started going in a realistic way of how bullying would be online. The problem came when things turned a bit more "serious". I mean, in this day and age, who gets so overly offended by being called a slut? Overly sensitive people shouldn't be on the Internet.

Childproof lids, the top prevention of suicide attempts in teens.

I guess I'll jump to the big mind-blowing event. Super spoiler: she tries to commit suicide!!! She was clutching her chest so at first I was like, "Oh, she stabbed herself." Then she goes and screams out, "I can't open this bottle!" ...she is in high school and couldn't open a child-safe bottle cap? She deserves to be weeded out. It didn't help that she started crying, staring at the pills that flew across the floor like they were useless now that they fell on the floor. I mean, should you really care that you are eating off the floor and might get sick if you plan to die? This was the turning point where I couldn't take anything seriously anymore, although it's not like I gave it much of a chance to begin with.

The resolution was still, by far, the funniest moment. We learned that the bully was so good that she could bully the entire school at the same time. That's some insane amount of time she has to spend, based on how much time she spent bullying the main character. Funny enough, telling a bully to go away and that they are "hurting people" is probably the worse solution possible. This movie is trolling; they are feeding into the natural selection to get them bullied more.

On a semi-serious note, there are only 3 real options. First is to fight fire with fire: you troll them harder, better, and all that jazz. You can easily start to even have fun with this method. Second option is to just ignore it. If you can finally realize that the opinions of others should not affect your way of life, life will be much more enjoyable. Option three is to run away from the problem. Stop browsing the site, use a different account under another name, and so on; there are a billion ways to hide from someone on the Internet. If you insist on not doing anything about it, then you deserve it and what is coming. You don't walk into a bar stopping everyone from drinking because it is bad for you; you are in a different place and need to learn the rules. This applies to the Internet as well. If you can't handle it, then don't go.

I personally LOVE any form of "cyberbullying". If you look at it from the right perspective, you matter so much to this person that they feel the need to tell you. That is one more person's life that I forever changed. I can't help but grow my ego from every hate-filled letter I receive. By the way, I got many of them during my time in Megaten. It's all just flattery to me; she should be honoured that the most popular girl in school followed her around day in and out, and even cared enough to make a movie about it. I would link that thing right to my front page if someone did it.

Picked up books for you, and you called him gay... You deserve it.

In the end, this was semi-decent until it all went to shit with their horrid sucide attempt and shitty resolution. Funny enough, they never talked about the gay guy again that was getting bullied to hell. I guess gay people don't matter. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Good job creating a movie about being good about things and treating that guy as a second class citizen. Either way, it was a funny movie for all the wrong reasons. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the fire.