Mayo Chiki 03-04 - When Butlers Strike Back

I think I didn't actually need to bunch both episodes up in one post, but I got lazy. Maybe I'll try writing this weekly since I've stopped doing Baka to Test, though no promises because I'm lazy and have been pretty busy lately. A more flowing plot does making blogging easier. I'm really liking how this anime is going so far.

This is the bestest character of the show, hands down. She orchestrated everything that happened in the anime, and did so with style. So, we started episode 3 with a trip to the pool to show off their bikinis. The question is how they actually let the reverse trap walk around with a shirt like that even in the water. That just looked wrong. Nothing but some fanservice as we watched the pairing of the two.

How can you put weight like that on that knife?

There were more plans that were part of the hidden agenda of our Ouji-sama. It was quite obvious this was going to happen when she kept mentioning how she was kidnapped at the pool before. Give the reverse trap a chance to redeem herself. It was pretty questionable, though, how useless the main character was, but owelz. No one really cares about him, anyway.

How do we go from a scene where she is playing innocently to this:

She didn't need to agree to his request, because it seems she already wanted it. I mean, it is pretty obvious at this point that she already wants the main character bad; he is just too dense to notice and she refuses to admit it. The obvious pairing, in the end; I just don't want it to happen when you have a superior character like Ouji-sama.

Even the sister is more awesome than the reverse trap. I mean, she sees a bear and went, "Fight it." Talk about awesome... Though, that semi-serious moment where she started crying, thinking something might happen to her brother, was a bit... It broke the tone of the anime pretty badly with such a serious moment. It felt extremely out-of-place, even if it fit in with the setting. I didn't really like how they threw that in for some random serious shit.

Through a large amount of research, I have determined that maids are superior.

They did move back to the humorous tone, explaining why the reverse trap was even staying at the house, even if they moved back to a serious resolution to the problem at hand. This was probably the first time the main character looked like he wasn't totally useless, though I couldn't take him seriously. Who lets a cold get them down? You need some real manly disease to stop you from walking!

This scene made everything worth it. She more officially proclaimed her love for him. I still pray that she wins, even though it is obvious she won't. From what I've read, the anime is cramming in tons of material into it to skip further into the story, when more characters are introduced. I guess that is always a good thing to speed things up; it is probably why so many serious notes had been put into a humour-based anime. This is still quite an enjoyable anime, and I'm looking forward to more episodes.