Five Things I Hate About GMGreywulf

So, originally, there was supposes to be a post about the Western Scarf (it's still in drafting; I'll finish it in a day or two), but this takes precedent:

Five Things

1) This thread. I mean, seriously. Every other suggestion thread looks like this, but NOW it's a problem? So, either you don't read anyone else's suggestions or you're just THAT DESPERATE to stop players from rallying together to use less AP items.

2)I mean, true enough that this thread was derailed, but it RUINED MY FUN. It seriously was not that bad.
3) Xandamere, a much superior GM, was forced out so that Greywulf could come back. Seriously, Xand is much better at this customer service thing. 4) When Indi reposted the thread, you then got garbage like this. Apparently, agreeing with open poster (i.e. the simple way) is not allowed. We must all retype everything.

5) He smells funny.
(Aaro Disclaimer~ : This one's totally debatable.)

He sucks as a GM; should've made that vacation permanent.

Side note: my post about the GMs reverting their ways is slowly coming true. *LE GASP*
/acts surprised

Also can watch how broken Card + incense are, I' 1 hit swipping people for 3k+ crits:


So Dem New Forums...

So, by now, I believe most players have had the chance to hate experience the new forums. If you have not, then as of today the forums still look like this:

(I don't have screenshot of the old forums to compare it to, so just imagine it. D:)

Firstly, if you have not seen the announcements, Greywulf is back from vacation and Xand has been forced promoted to the head of the newly-created night shift. Now, after a couple days, I have (like many others) learned to adapt to the new forums - but, by doing this, we neglect some fundamental flaws that I will go more in-depth on, further in the post.

If you have not seen it, Superman0X posted a thread about the changes here. Now, within one day, most people have realized that you now average 1-2 more clicks to navigate to where you want to go in the forums.

Now, from an organizational perspective, these new changes ARE more "streamline" and organized. The problem is that it neglects the question of if we NEED the forums to be more "streamline". (For example, labelling every container in your house of its use is more organized, but is it necessary?) It seems that the GMs fail to realize this distinction. The forums are a way for players to communicate amongst themselves and convey ideas that the GMs may have interests in. By making it more "streamline", because the GMs will it, it now neglects the mass population that the forums are made for. If the players, the ones using the forums, don't like the changes, then why is it that the GMs have the final say? It's not like the structure of the forums effects the profits of a business. Shouldn't such a trivial thing be decided by the community that relies on it?

It is very clear that although the main page had more sections before, it was not so cluttered that you needed to streamline it down. It is clear that each section before had one section frequented the most. You could click right into the sub section that you wanted. Not only could you click less but, personally, I could also see the last topic posted in that frequented sub section, so I would not have to click in to see if I cared about what was mentioned. I frequently just refreshed the main page to see which threads were being responded to and if any were worth clicking. Now with the General Discussion, which is generally the most active sub section, being grouped with Events, which is currently most active due to Bad Acts, there would be no way to catch all the new topics in General Discussion, unless you spam refresh. This leads me to click that sub section constantly to see if a thread responded to is of interest. This is but just a small concern about the general ease of browsing but, nonetheless, important as many share the same view of the much easier older forums.

Now, my main and BIGGEST concern is nothing so petty as wasting precious seconds clicking a couple of extra times to see some threads. It is the way the problem was handled. Some of you have noticed as of late, by talking to me, that I have been more pro-Aeria. The way Xand was handling things were much more in the best interests of the players (i.e. the flying turkey). The second thing that I noticed, for better or worse, was the quick action. Whenever a topic jumped to 10 pages overnight, for example, in the morning, Xand would be on top of it, addressing the issue (again, for better or worse).

This WAS NOT common before Xand showed up (i.e. the crystal sword). The common way of dealing with everything was: *sweeps under GIANT ToS rug* and then /delete. A common practice was preaching that they would do something in the near future but, in actuality, they would just sit around, twiddling their thumbs - much like we are seeing now, with the forum overhaul. They hope that in a week, a new problem will come up and you'll forget about the forums so that they can tell you to wait a week on that problem too, thus creating a neverending chain of, "Let's all pretend the stuff didn't happen!"

By this, we will soon be seeing some old Aeria tactics resurfacing, like the thread censorship. Xand promised change when he first joined, and there was. Even if he only had bad news to answer with, he always addressed the concerns that the players cared about. It felt almost like the players' opinions were being at least being HEARD. The first step is at least listening before anything can be expected to happen.

To bring the point back to the forums: it was clear that the mass majority DID NOT like the new forum changes, yet they insisted that you'll need more time to "try" out the forums. Does this not seem like the older administration's tactics of handling a problem without addressing the issues? Seems to me that with Xand gone, things are slowly slipping back to the way it was.

Will we continue to a path of better communication between the players and GMs, or will we go back to the older ways? With Aion finally released, a lot of players won't even bother voicing their opinions and will just leave. The Aeria Server might even die before the J-Server, all because of a lack of communication... (Remember the comment about GM/GS "douchbagery"?)

Aaro Note~ : This thread opened up as of September 28, led by Superman0X, based on "feedback" about the forum overhaul.


Hur Hur Hur?

So, just finished my comic strip for the event that you can find here. It's probably not the "type" of material that they're looking for - but, nevertheless, it's full of win. (I mean, it took me like 10 WHOLE minutes to Google the exact speeches and picture that I needed. D:)

I started what I call The Level 25 Challenge. The challenge is this: a lv25 character will solo Ichi Gold. The catch is: you are not allowed incense or anything on your demon that a lv25 could not obtain (i.e. anti-fire and -ice). You are allowed a 1mil budget (for your character's gear), which we deemed is how much money a lv25 would, at most, have.

At the moment, I've started, but skill training another character is very...boring, and that's slowing my progress. I'll see if I can finish skill training soon. D:

So, I think we've all noticed the Megaten Forum overhaul. I'll post a more flame-induced post about this in a couple days, to give them more time to shape up (why I give so much leeway is beyond me).

If you haven't noticed, you can actually now find open stall spots on Channel 1 Babel during peak times. Probably a lot of players are moving to Aion... (I still think it's crap, 'cause of the lack of character customization.)

In older news, Clan hit Level 10 (roughly a week ago). Still only at 58/100 players. Yay~ *waves flag*

The Fail FC Review for the week:
(Notice how they need a mid-week promo to help try and boost sales?)

Buff Me Up! FC - 150AP
Top prize - Old "rares" that aren't rare anymore. 1/10
Medium Prize - Decent amounts of the consumables, I guess. 5/10
Filler - Barely on the AP:macca ratio; you're better off buying directly in-game. 3/10

Overall - 3/10

Speed Blades FC - 300AP
Top Prize - The useless blade bundle. 1/10
Medium Prize - New Divine Charm; otherwise, it's all junk. 3/10
Filler - More stuff that you're better off buying directly out of the Item Mall. 2/10

Overall - 2/10

Back to DOTA-ing now, and praying that I can get a Heroes of Newerth Beta key.
No final Fun Note this time. D:


Pearz Has Level 90 Fever

As my last post stated, I have finally accomplished my goal of getting the Blaze of Ambition. As such, I have come down with Level 90 Fever.

Basically what this illness does is create a loss of direction. It's dubbed "Level 90 Fever" as it commonly occurs to players after reaching lv90. With their main goal accomplished, those stricken stood around aimless and bored. After obtaining the Blaze, I'm feeling less of an urge to even bother to queue. What fun is it to stomp random low levels? (Well are those that like it, but it's not my cup of tea.)

All I do now are the demon requests, Care my demons for that potential Daybreaker relic, and then pretty much nothing else.

Most likely I will log on less; if you really want me to PVP or if Chaos is super challenging, I'll log in. You can more likely find me in the shoutbox here than in game.

In other news, they are re-running the Boss Hunt Event that was done 6 months ago. I have no intention of doing 700+ kills in a week again. It's too much work. We won once; that's enough. D:

So, I know that a lot of players have been keeping up with the Bad Acts. But have you paid attention to the poll? Every time, in the poll, the SERIOUS, SERIOUS answer is picked. Why can't we all pick the humorous one, like randomly pointing and laughing at Xand for dying in random zergling rush? D:

This just proves that DA INTERWEBZ IZ SERIUZ BIZNUZ!

Side note before the FC review: the day before the FC launch, I predicted that we would get one consumable and one old costume that no one cares about. I was right. Ego boost + 5.

FC review:
Delicious Melons FC - 300AP
Top Prize - Stuff that dropped in price significantly... 2/10 (relative to other Top Prizes in the past).
Medium Prize - For 300AP, you can buy most of them directly in-game for only slightly more. 3/10.
Filler - Flooded. 1/10.

Overall - 2/10.

Back to School! FC - 600AP
Top Prize - Nothing good, stats-wise. If St. Hermelin v2 floats your boat... 4/10.
Medium Prize - Heart Shooter, and other older stuff that doesn't sell much in-game. 2/10.
Filler - Overall, very expensive for incense, beads, and threads. It's way under AP:macca ratio. 1/10.

Overall = 3/10.

So, as always, a final Fun Note:

(I should have included the funny end kill/death scores. I was 27-2, one of the deaths being a demon, while I gave the entire Chaos team 2+ deaths.)
.../doesn't understand this logic: if Takeaim needs 5 others to kill me, how would he need the same number from Rain to kill him when Rho or I/others alone would be enough...

The growing list of allegations about me:
1) I'm a chicken.
2) I use macro to cast my enhancement faster.
3) I'm nothing if you get anti-melee (god forsake the 6 other hammers I have in my inventory).
4) I'm scared to die (as seen by an earlier picture).
5) There's no need to kill me...?! (Even though an earlier screenshot says that killing chickens is fun, and also that nothing else but kills matter...)


What Does The Scouter Say?

If you want to see the current stats... I had to only get one kill in a Fate match in order to make that screenshot just perfect. D: (That's pretty hard when everyone rushes you and then you can't kill them. D:) I was going to change my hair colour for it too, but... Yeah, I hate that piss-like yellow-gold we get from the dyes.

Thanks to Oki for lending me the scouter, the people in Rain for helping me by joining matches so that I could farm BP...and, of course, all the countless players that had to fall for me to obtain this.

The Blaze of Ambition burns brightly.



Oh yeah. Ego Boost: apparently the end of August was exactly the first 3 months of PVP. Comparing my stats to the Quarterly Best PVP Stats on J-Server, I beat them in the very important categories of total kills, BP, Fate wins, and the most coveted Least Death Trophy (God, that one's hard to get it). Ego boost +30!
(Made an account on the J-server just to see the stat charts. :O)

Also, I'm hoping that we can bring the ranking page that the J-Server has to our server. It will give players some fun racing for the top ranks, not only for PVP but the PVE community as well.

Last note: Sinco, along with his guild Mai, challenged Rain to a guild war. D: We iz going DOWN. (._.)


GM Q&A That I Missed (And Some Other Stuff)

So, first order of news:

Jeen said he would make a Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate Pearz list, but is procrastinating - so I'm going to give him some motivation. Back in the day, he wanted a Chaos Coat BAD. I stole the coat with a "better" offer. MUAHAHAHAHA. Have a nice day; hope to see that list soon.

My suggestion for FC changes. D: Read it and sign pl0x.

So, finally, the GM Q&A (with screens courtesy of Royce).

Well, the GMs don't know what they're talking about. (What's new?) Theena has the demon now. Also, gratz to Theena and Demongirl, who both hit 93 (Demongirl actually a while back).

If you don't get the reference: "eat fresh" = Subway slogan. This is supposed to come after Celu Gold. Ergo, a useless subway for low levels is more important than Celu Gold for higher levels.

Some good news: Alice will not be an AP demon. Let's hope the GMs hold true on this.

Here's the FC Review:
Incense It Up - 300AP
Top Prize - For the grind whores, 100 5x incense. D: This is 9/10.
Mid Prize - Only mildly getting the AP-macca ratio for a mid-prize. It's bad = 2/10.
Fillers - Good AP-macca rate = 8/10.

Overall - 7/10

It's Over 9,000! FC - 600AP
Top Prize - Other than the ScatterSG, there's good stuff with three new items. So = 8/10.
Mid Prize - Wow, you can get every piece of your armour here. That's so rare = 10/10.
Fillers - Still good stuff. Other than those +5 Vit earrings, everything is good and useful, in good quantity. So = 9/10.

Overall - 9/10

A final Fun Note:

JUST IN: Baiace is the best !!1!!1!OnE!1!! But still needs to wolf pack.


Just A Screenshot

If you wanna know what happened: I kited out Baiace's enhance, then turned around and killed him.

If only life was so easy that no one would kite me. Damn near every other class is chicken. *shakes fist*

Although, I did get a nice spiffy Zero Death trophy~
That is all. You can resume your regular grind sessions now.


Two-Day Late GM Q&A

I realize that the GM Q&A was two days ago, but I'm lazy and love procrastinating. So, to begin, I was actually PICKED FIRST for the questionings. :O

On to Question #1: Demon Requests.

As you can see, there's no change in the answer.

Question #2: Abyss Cloaks.

Though it seems like they've evened out now, over 10 Abyss Cloaks were opened on that first day - and all male. It was a bit fishy.

Question #3:

The Abyss Set is not coming out anytime soon.

That concluded my questions. Royce's turn:

At least there's some good news. Not in Aeria's business model means we shouldn't see anything priced at $800...I hope.

Also! We are finally getting new Comps this month, after all this time.

We also have a random question about magnetite farming.

Therefore, the solution to farming Mag is to buy AP - and spam luck incense, too...

On a final note: this blog does not make list of AWESOMENESS. (._.)

QQ /anklez



Rho is apparently applying for GS again: look here!

My review:

...Rho sucks. Worst girlfriend ever.


~Aaro off

J Megaten Is Shutting Down Soon?

So, if you guys haven't been keeping up with Finella's blog of late: you can get a green penis as a demon for ~$800USD. On top of this, they've start to sell rings that'll give you EXP directly. For reference: lv96-97 requires 41 billion EXP (whereas lv1-90 is only 2 billion).

Basically, the J-Server will end soon, and so will any future content updates that you can even hope for, for our version.

(Aaro Disclaimer~ : From what I've seen, this is a rumour. It's basically that current events, especially the EXP rings and absurd pricing for IM items, are seen as the beginning of the end.)

Other than this, there's been nothing much lately: I join PVP matches, farm some BP, get bored after a match or two, and then go either S4 or DOTA.

So when Dantine says that Act 36 is in production... In reality, the GMs are making their own Act Events...

Okay, so now the FC Review:

The Jewels FC - 150AP
Top prize - Lots of much needed consumables = 9/10.
Medium prize - Decent amounts of the same consumables = 8/10.
Fillers - Trust melons and perfumes are really useless. Otherwise, it's all decent, so = 8/10.

Overall = 8/10.

Good Stuff FC - 600AP (JP version of this FC)
Top Prize - New set, new stuff = 10/10.
Medium Prize - Cabinets, Sequencers, Cups; all very loved consumables = 10/10.
Fillers - Technically, the price of eye patches and rings makes them worthless at the moment. But, considering how good the stats are, everyone should use these and it is a good thing that it's readily available, so = 10/10.

Overall = 10/10.

This, I believe, is first time that I've given a perfect score for an FC. Let me explain why this FC seems so good. If you look at the date of the FC, it's from February/09 (according to when the J-Server got it). At this point on the J-Server, they already had the Sentinel and Abyss Set released - both of which are much better than the two sets we have here. So, for J-Server, this was an FC with a crappy Top Prize, so it had to be lined with good filler stuff...whereas here, on our server, the Top Prize is also good, since it got pushed forward so much.

And, like always, I'd like to end on a fun note:

*This just in: I lose to Raining in 1v1 *

I can also apparently do 3k in one swipe in PVP. Fear me!!!11ONE!
(You can watch that GM PVP Match that I uploaded and clearly see the 1k swipes...)