Hanasaku Iroha 17 - Scammed!

This movie looked awesome.

Wow, this arc turned out much better than expected. I didn't see the scam coming, It made for an enjoyable episode with the twist and turns, watching all the characters cope with learning that they'd gotten scammed. It's interesting how calmly most people took it, though; it was almost too calm.

I mean, it seemed pretty legit for a scam. Just moving the equipment, the set-up and then paying all those people for the couple of days would probably cost more money than what the inn paid. That is speculation, though, based on the size of the stack of bills that was hidden. The highest denomination in yen was 10,000 which is about $100CAD, and by that stack of bills, that is probably at most 5-6k. For a weekend, that is a pretty "cheap" cost.

God, why is he still with her? That was some pretty big denial she dropped on him. I saw that and was instantly going, "WHY?!?!?!?" They do make a good pair: one dishes out the punishment while the other takes it in and loves it. I can't even imagine how crazy the S&M shit in the bedroom is, if they are so open about this stuff. That denial was huge, though; how can she even say words like that with a straight face?

This was my face throughout that entire pool scene. It was Minko's first real contribution that I liked. How was there a good 20sec of hang-time where they were exactly at that equilibrium of not falling in but still pulling? The amount of issues plaguing those two are pretty extreme. I found it interesting that the grandma willingly let the young master step into a scam to teach him a lesson. I guess that is part of training him the hard way to be the successor. It's a pretty expensive lesson, I might say. At least throughout this ordeal, the young master did display that he could step up to the role, even if he was a bit naive.

So, the next arc will be for Nako. I guess I did forget about her for an arc; she is a pretty main character. I guess that short episode with her diving into the ocean wasn't really devoted to her. I think I pinpointed why I get bored easily with Hanasaku: the constant arcs are annoying without a consistent plot. At least this episode was good, since I didn't see the scam coming at all. It seemed like too happy slice-of-life for something like that to happen. Surprises are always good. (I lied; they're not always good...)