Yumekui Merry In Review [4/10]

WTF was with that air trombone?

I would like to start by saying, "I FEEL SO TROLLED BY THIS EPISODE!?!??!?!" I feel a need to rant heavily about this last episode. To summarize, this is the worst ending that I have seen in a long time. It was a good 3-4 episodes' worth of building up for a fight that barely happened, along with a shitty ending.

I guess I'll start off by summarizing how bad Episode 13 was before the review begins. So, we start off where we last left: Yumeji charging Treesea. We have the standard "hero losing at first"...and then we get this line of PURE GOLD:

I MEAN, REALLY?!?!?!? REALLY?!?!?!?? That's the best they could come up with? The point of a dream is that it's something to not give up on. Naming that as your dream is redundant. This hurt so much.

It didn't help that this inspired everyone to randomly get powered up and suddenly be able to beat Treesea. I guess it's 'cause I read a bit of the spoilers, so I was kind of expecting them to tell you that Merry was actually the Gatekeeper for the Dream World, which is why she can send the dream demons back. Instead, they just assumed that you knew this when they sent the random demon back.

Then, after a shitty fight, we finally get to the closing moments and a final troll line to close the anime:

I mean, really, WHAT WERE THEY FIGHTING FOR!?!?!?!? They could have just regained that dream since there is no limit. ~sigh, sigh~ In  other words, this final battle was just trolling. They had no need to even fight to protect the dreams. So trolled, so trolled. On to the review.


Story (plot)
From an overall perspective, things were decent until the point where I learned that the entire story was just trolling me. This plot point alone makes the plot full of fail. When the reason for the quest to defeat Treesea is invalidated, it makes you question what they were thinking, adding these characters as anime-only.

Story (non-plot)
A world with dream demons invading our dreams to take over; it does have its merits. Then again, I rarely watch an anime that doesn't at least have some potential with its settings. It just felt like the plot had nothing to do with the first episode. John Doe shows up one time in the entire anime and had no real impact otherwise. I was actually half-expecting him to jump in and help with the fight. It felt like the first episode was more of a gimmick to get people to watch it...'cause it was full of cats? The anime flow was decent, ad I didn't have too much trouble with the progression of things. It could have moved a bit faster, especially with the unnecessarily large amount of time building up for that final fight.

The "plot" during the fight was horrid, but the direction, I guess, was good. The fights seemed well-animated and provided a good sense of what was going on, limited as these scenes may be. The only thing that bothered me were the random weird poses that the characters would do. Some of them were just WTF in flexibility. It was like they were posing specifically for a screenshot.

The only characters I really liked were the two friends and Chizuru. They have their nice small slice-of-life story on the side while the rest of the cast fight off demons. Chizuru breaking out of her shell was a nice development, too. Other than that, the majority of main characters are perpetually stuck in one mindset. They don't grow at all, even after so many fights, which leaves them feeling kind of...boring.

Personal Satisfaction
I think that final episode killed any kind of (if any, to begin with) satisfaction I had with this series. I felt like I got trolled into watching 13 episodes; I question why I even followed through...

It feels like nothing huge was accomplished in this anime. They don't reveal much about the mysterious Merry background and nor about Yumeji. When the two biggest characters are stuck in a paper-thin plot, it doesn't make for a good anime. The only real things they had going for them were some of the side characters and the well-animated fights.

Final Score: 4/10