Tiger & Bunny 15 - Heartbreak Keith

So, we finally get our Sky High-centric episode this week. I'm pleased to say that it didn't disappoint. With Tiger and Barnaby on the rise, I thought that this was the proper time for the former King of Heroes to get his spotlight. This episode is largely about Keith, with a little more dabbing into Kotetsu's power change.

Keith has been pretty down recently due to insecurities that he will disappoint people, especially after he was defeated handily by Jake Martinez on broadcast. Though I do find it weird that he wasn't all that depressed last episode... Then again, he didn't really get much screen time. While walking his dog John, Keith comes across Cis sitting on the bench in the park. I felt this scene was pretty symbolic, in retrospect, with the apple representing Keith's heart if he actually finds out.

What struck me was that I didn't find it at all weird that Keith manages to fall in love with someone who only gives monotone replies in only half an episode. He's really just a simple guy, and a very good one at that. The girl trio was pretty cute when they were giving Keith advice on how to approach Cis.


It turns out that Cis is a super android made by one of Barnaby's parents' lab members that even exceeds NEXTs in terms of battle. It's revealed that Barnaby never actually knew exactly what his parents were trying to accomplish, even though he believes that they were building androids for saving people. I'm thinking that the idea that Baranaby's parents were involved in something shady could appear in a future episode.

For viewer, this scene is pretty tough to watch. Sky High destroys the android with the help of encouragement from Cis, not knowing that he is actually destroying Cis with his own hands. Something that I noticed during Kotetsu's fight with the android was that his Hundred Power wasn't more powerful than usual, yet the amount of time he could use it was still shortened.

Forever alone.

Watching him wait for a girl that will never come is pretty sad. I wonder if they'll address this in future episodes. Knowing Keith, he probably won't give up on her that easily. Oh well, at least he's back to being his usual optimistic self.

It seems that they'll finally be addressing Kotetsu's power change in the next episode. Rumors say that Kotetsu's older brother will make an appearance. That, coupled with Lunatic's reappearance, should prove to be very interesting.