Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi In Review [5/10]

This is another series that I was enjoying but then began disliking near the end. I seem to have that tendency often. This one is more of a bias rather than being about horrid plot or other things, like many other anime. Then again, this anime didn't have much of a plot to begin with, so it would be pretty hard to screw up, huh? *har har* Either way, it was a decent anime overall; I just was not satisfied with the final girl that was picked, although at least he picked one.

Stuff about the final episode is here.

Almost every harem-based anime follows a similar story. All it comes down to is if the main character actually picks a girl in the end, which he does in this one. This is generally a good thing, as it provides a bit of closure by the end rather than leaving you with that open-ended crap. It was pretty standard in this category, but at least it wasn't bad? This was unmemorable, which I guess is a bad thing for a story.

There was nothing hugely innovative in the setting, and the flow was pretty average. It seems that city boys coming to rural areas always do well at getting girls. The mystery boy from a world that is supposed to be better must be intoxicating. Either way, it is nothing new, and the plot flows pretty slowly. It relies, like every other harem, on you liking the girls in the harem, thus giving you a reason to follow it. When the girls are boring or the one you like doesn't get much airtime, the anime just seems that much slower. Either way, the general flow of events occurring was pretty slow. Nearly nothing happened since the start of the anime.

This was done decently, at least. The animation quality wasn't as good as Dog Days, but it was still better than the majority of anime that have aired this season. I guess, without action-packed seasons, you wouldn't need as many frames and such, so things generally could look better without. Either way, it was nice to at least change the clothing of the characters a couple of times in the anime; that's better than those anime where they never change clothes. It happened less than I would have liked, but it was still decent.

What to say about this? The main character's harem extended so far that even his little brother wanted him. Otherwise, each character was delved into enough to give them a basic background and personality, which was really all they got. I was at least hoping that the main three girls would be delved into a bit deeper, but they didn't. They just mindlessly agreed to whatever the plot willed them to do.

Personal Satisfaction
This one was pretty bad and for a very simple reason. The girl I favoured did not win and the worst girl of the batch was actually picked. This disappointed me greatly. One of the better characters for humour showed up for lines at the start, and then barely even got screentime for the rest of the anime. These were all things that greatly reduced my pleasure while watching this anime. The only redeeming factor were the chibi sections, which I loved.

It wasn't too bad, but it just wasn't impressionable. It was too generic and nothing really stuck with this anime. I probably won't remember anything about this in a month or two, other than that my favourite girl wasn't picked. This was nothing blindingly bad, but just not something that you would remember, which isn't good. Maybe it's something to watch if you are really that bored and looking for something mindless, but wouldn't those random anime like A Channel or Nichijou be better for that?

Final Score: [5/10]