Dragon Crisis In Review [2/10]

This anime started off with some decent prospect that quickly turned worse than those generic anime. Hey, at least by the last episode, Ryuji didn't just wave his little dagger and fix the problem magically. This was probably the worst anime that I followed this season.

'Cause ramming a helicopter to stop an airplane is the most effective way to stop it.

Unlike most harems (where the main character ends up undecided on which girl), it was clear which girl he was going to pick, from the very beginning. The other girls just kind of flocked to him for no reason, even though they knew that they had already lost. It didn't help that every fight was won by Ryuji waving his dagger and then things died. It was like they weren't even trying to make the fights real. The story just lacked any depth and wasn't gripping at all. It was quite clear that they had no intention of including any story and had just hoped the fanservice would sell their anime. I guess the only good thing about the story was the flow. It was decently paced and very easy to follow. I guess when your story is so bad and paper-thin, it isn't hard to make it flow well. The setting wasn't bad, either. They set up a nice world for the characters to thrive in. Once again, maybe if the story wasn't so horrid, this could be exploited better.

Why is the Red-eyes Black Dragon so inferior?

This is not a big thing with me, since I don't notice it as much. Only the extremely bad things stand out, like repeated scenes and lack of movement in a fight. At least on this front, the anime did decently.

Wow, this was just gruesome. Every girl was 1D. "OMGZ It's Ryuji. Let's blindly follow him!!!!" Rose would run around, episode after episode, just screaming his name. This, combined with her annoying voice, made her extremely unbearable. The best friend was so cliche that it hurt; it always feels bad to be that character role, to just sit around making the main character look good and get nothing in return. Ryuji was nothing special either, though. He was oblivious to the harem surrounding him, and only liked Rose. I would mention more about him, but he is so generic that there is literally nothing to say.

Personal Satisfaction
Well, every anime gets a few points if I can at least bear to finish it. Generally, as long as the anime has a decent flow, I can at least sit through it. Even if something horrid is happening on the screen, it's better than nothing happening at all. At the start, it felt decent with lots of things that could be expanded on. However, very quickly did I realize that this would be one of the worst pieces of that I have seen in a while. The only character I thought of as decent was Maruga. She didn't really get enough screen time, though, to be expanded on very much; at least she even makes an appearance in the final episode. The only other good that came from this anime was that I did like the OP song (actually, not even the full song; the cut-off version only).

My soul is very hurt after this anime.

This anime had a good initial setup to be a decent anime. They decided to instead turn it to trash and hope that an annoying loli dragon girl would be enough to get people to watch. This anime had such bad execution that I feel it is almost a waste. Either way, this anime was horrid and I don't recommend it to anyone. It is the epitome of what anime should not be doing.

Final Score: 2/10