Dantalian no Shoka 01, 02 - First Impressions

I noticed that we didn't have a Dantalian no Shoka first impressions, so I decided to do one even though it's a week late. Since the second episode aired already, I'll just use screenshots from the second. What initially attracted me to the show was that it's seemed quite similar to Gosick. However, I would argue that there aren't many similarities at all.

Gosick initially sold itself as some kind of mystery loli detective show, only to turn into something pretty different starting with the Leviathan arc. It dabbed into what seemed like fantasy, only to show that tricks are able to explain certain things. Sure, Dantalian has a book-reading loli too, but Dantalian is also an outright fantasy. While Gosick is largely about the relationship between Victorique and Kujo, Dantalian seems more to be about the Phantom Books themselves. After watching the first two episodes, I'm sure the plot will be Huey and Dalian going around stopping the misuse of power of the Phantom Books.

Ono Daisuke is really good as Huey. Huey as a character is quite refreshing because he's not your standard male lead in any typical anime. He's not a high schooler, he's an ex-pilot, he doesn't hesitate to use his gun, and never overreacts in any situation. Dalian is more of a mystery. She seems tsundere enough, but isn't really all that abusive. I initially thought that Sawashiro Miyuki's voice wasn't all that fitting for a character like Dalian, but I think her voice is growing on me. I've heard quite a few people complain about the character designs; personally, I quite like the anime designs.

The atmosphere the show gives off is pretty nice. I think the semi-realistic backgrounds work quite well and the music of choice is fitting. I guess my only gripe with it is that there seems to be a time stoppage whenever Huey grabs a phantom book. I mean, they're in the middle of danger and whatever seems to be attacking them stops and waits for them to finish opening the lock, grabbing a Phantom Book, and reading lines from said book. Oh, and the ED is still as creepy as ever.

I'll be watching this series until the end. I'm sure the plot will expand further from just the Phantom Book of the week format. I hope it will introduce some recurring characters to widen the cast a little bit. I don't think I'll continue to write about this though, simply because I can't think of much to write about; I just enjoy watching it.