So giving up on mass effect 2. The game is to laggy and I can't really aim when it skips. Makes it way to difficult. Not to mention Rho informed me my actions in first game has zero to none impact on the 2nd game. I mean you save the council, and be the biggest war hero ever, I would think I would go back to citadel to reap benefits first rather then quest for this new organization. Bleh, so won't even finish.

Eden of east 2nd movie finally subbed after like a month. Gotta say the ending was kinda boring. Maybe it is cause I forgot most of what happened before. Either way seemed kinda bleh.

On a good note, FF14 OB starts September 1st. Good chance to find out if my computer can even run it.


Mass Effect

So, just finished Mass Effect (the first one) yesterday. I'm still downloading my "sample" version. Generally, ME2 has better ratings, but Rho told me it was disappointing. Apparently, the storyline is weaker in the second one, which does matter alot to me.

Story - Your initial hero creation and choices do affect your storyline as you progress. I liked that aspect of the game, and having your choices (supposedly) affect the second game too makes me go, "Ooooo~" The story is pretty decently done, but short. It created a very interesting setting.

Sound - Although sound is very important to have in an FPS game, it has been a while since I played a fully voice acted game. Having everything voice acted really made a difference for me. I felt this was a very important aspect. The music, as it is intended, was just background. I didn't pay attention to that.

Game Design - It is an RPG shooter. As such, they let you have skill points to assign and build your character differently, based on your own preference. I found this interesting, but there was not much variety. The focus was more on the FPS part rather than the RPG element, and seemed to lack in that sense. Travelling around the Galaxy Map for side quest was good, though. The quests were varied and each gave me a lot of reason to go out and randomly slaughter some people.

Overall - I did enjoy this game a lot. If it wasn't for the bugs and stuff, I would definitely try again with a different set of choices. It was a pretty well done game, hence why I will be playing the second installment.

Side news: I failed to be drawn as a winner in the raffles for the Soul Master CB events, although I was fast enough to be one of the first to get 30 (for my class and also within the first 50 players). I got 2 +5 gems, which aren't that great but it's still better than nothing.

Rho will be back in Toronto in a few hours; I can be less lonely here now. Maybe you might even get a blog post from Rho or Aaro.


Nice and short

Started playing Mass effect. So far its pretty good, my consensus is that shotguns are imba. Either way The game is unnecessarily difficult. Like all Bioware games, it is plagued with bugs. I can't manually save and rely on the autosave, also randomly my "E" (use) key stop working and I'm forced to load (coupled with the no manual save is bad). Tack on that my comp lags a bit makes FPS games much more difficult when it isn't smooth. I'm almost finished the first one and probably move to 2nd to see how it turns out.

For anime decided to watch Kannagi. Also caught up on some English movies: Salt, Date night, Tekken ( lulz they have a movie XD)

Tried another DS game before Mass Effect. Monster Rancher DS, since I played the PS version. Due inability to skip alot of text boxes and it needs to load every other thing makes it much less enjoyable. Not fun clicking boxes instead of skipping through and spending rest of time in load screens. Either way its dropped D: (could also be I couldn't find a monster I wanted to raise)



So been busy week as it was my exams so not much to updates.

Finally stopped playing Dragon quest 9. Spent hours upon hours making gear to better prepare for the "final" dungeon (its repeat maps you keep going as difficulty goes up). When I was finally ready, I ran it once and got bored. Guess I Find games more fun making your gear and such top notch then actually playing them game as I do this with many games D:

Though it was fun while it lasted, been a while since I sunk so many hours on a DS game.

Other notes, still no sub on Eden of east 2nd movie. Wonder why it's taking so long, would thing something that popular would be subbed fast. Ookami-san fast being 1 of my top animes really liking where it's going. Hope the ending impresses me as the series has so far.

Still just playing HON, hoping a good new MMO shows up to drain the next 2 weeks I have off. For now, decided to catch up on some random english movies over summer.

Guess that's it for an update.

Side note: the recent heavy updates you can see as a way to procrastinate studying my exams XD


Pearz has been busy

Been meaning to make an update but been busy past couple days ~goumen

So couple things been doing, A grinding EXP in Dragon quest 9 since I'm on final boss and can't beat him. Was pretty funny, you fight 3 bosses at the end, I could beat first 2 and failed bad on 3rd one. I went and looked at a guide, recommended level = 44-45, and I look at my team with highest level 37 lulz. Ended up doing alot of the side quest stuff since their is so much D:

Either way having fun grinding Dragon quest 9.

Also finished watching 11eyes. It wasn't as bad as reviews put it out to be. I think people didn't like it cause its a Shouen story to begin with but branches out at end to ot follow that style and people didn't like it. The ones that like that style probably never even picked it up. Either way another solid 7/10, nothing spectacular but wasn't as bad as reviews made it out to be.

For now watching somthing else I should have watched a while ago, Kara no Kyoukai. See if it is up to the hype.

As for Soul Master, truth be told I think that Content release schedule will lead to alot of broken hearts. When a GM team can't even update who won their CB events almost a week after OB started, 2 weeks since CB ended it doesn't seem the GM team is doing much. Not to mention you can check the content the JP server has, and they don't even have anything they mentioned in that post. So unless were getting these updates same time as JP (highly unlikely due to translation time) it will be nothing but a sea of broken promises.

Stealth Edit: Already been broken heart, Orea claimed the reviews would be based more or less on content as well as viewer. The top 2 winners were both posted on a forums where views = clicks where as posting on other places like mine were unique clicks zZzZzZzZzZz

So just yesterday Force pointed out a MMO entering CB soon, Iris online. Due to fact that I like anime-ish MMOs, I will definitely check it out. Also on that note, saw the new Guild wars 2 trailer and that definitely made me want to try it out.

Almost a week later but I regained most my HON skills to bad good teammates are hard to come by. B> competent teammates

Final note: Rho and Aaro will be back from Exile in China in a week, with probably a long long long long blog post to come.



So just another random rant:

1) Started playing Dragon Quest 9 again (For DS), got pretty far, but I'm near the end and keep getting owned by same boss. Maybe I'll try it again later D:

2)11eyes seems to be your typical Shouen-esque stories, owelz nothing like cliche stories to pass the time.

3) So SoulMaster announced a content release schedule. If they are faithful to this amount of releases, it might be worth it to go back. I'll see after the first content patch comes in, not like levels in this game are that important, can always join later.

4) God I curse you Starcraft 2, 3 shows still don't have subs yet because of you(Eden of east 2nd movie, Katanagatari eps 8, Seitokai Yakuindomo eps 7) . SUCH BLASPHEMY to make me wait on free things. *shakes fist at sky*

5) So yesterday while at the supermarket, I noticed something AMAZING:

I was all like ZOMGZ and bought 2 packs(other one has already been eaten D:). Used to be sold only in a small privately owned supermarket but that went under and I haven't had 1 of these in like 3 years. God they're so delicious, hopefully they keep selling now that it is in a big chain supermarket, though they're nothing like the Onigiri you see in like Animes XD

PS. I fail at HON horribly now, think I'm on a 6 game losing streak atm.

/random rant over



Words can not express my disappointment D:

So all that's left is include a chart of what fall should be like D:

*leaves to /wrists*


Pearz officially dropping Soul Master...... Again

As the title reads, Rho and I agreed to drop it again. Here is why:

1) Bugs. Seems like majority of bugs still present, not only that, my char been hit by a bug too. I can't swap belts and 1 of the slots is perm bugged. So instead of 6 slots most people can get, I get 3 D:

2) Lack of GM pressence. The CB events have been over quite some time. Their is no announcement of who won or even announcements in general of status. This is always bad when you want to get support.

3) Boredom. The killer of all MMOs. Basically we already grinded once to 30, doing it again is boring, not to mention this time I don't get infinite gold.

4) Cashop. Mainly refusal to charge even a bit of cash but not wanting to be at a disadvantage leaves me in quite a conundrum. So I choose to quit instead of forking out $$$

Maybe if they added more content and such would feel urge to play again, but right now level 10 is as far as I go.

Side Anime Note: anime of the week I watched was Seitokai no Ichizon, more comedy/ parody anime. The talking goes a bit fast and I miss like half the references made, which could be why I enjoyed it less the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. Gonna finally watch Lucky star, see if it's worth the hype.

So for now, just playing HON and maybe a bit of S4.

Edit: watched 1 eps of lucky star, and god thats boring /dropped next anime: 11eyes


Pearz has been coerced into playing HON

So Due to the fact that Rho sucks horribly at kart rider, and S4 decided to glitch her account, she has forced me back into playing HON. (For those that don't know, it's the most hardcore and most faithful to the current Dota)So you can find me there.

On Anime-ish note, I finished watching Baka to test to shoukanjuu, It is pretty funny, I love Shoko.
I also blame SC2 for all the delays lately for Anime releases D: (Eden of East 2nd movie's raw has been out for a week and still no subs)

Since I happen to come across this:

Seems like their remaking a new season to alot of old animes, hope it's not pure fail made purely for milking money D:


Higurashi - When I cry >.>

Before I start review, I'd advertise my link again smaller now, cause I'm lazy to find you guys more pics. Also I have been barely logging Allods and playing S4 League and Kart Rider ( Chinese version, though I get owned bad) in my spare time. Nice short update, so now to topic at hand: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Usually I don't review animes, but this one got such high ratings no matter which anime site I went to and I have some pretty strong opinions about this.

So their are 2 seasons and 1 OVA, that I will shorten to Higurashi, Higurashi Kai, and Higurashi Rei.

Some background about how this anime "works". What you get is arcs, each tell the same story with some variation to it. The first season is the question arcs, while the second season is the answer arcs.

Next section is spoilers, if you don't want to be spoiled don't click
Now on it's own, this anime shows a total of 6 arcs.Of the 6 of these 2 of them are answer arcs. Now I don't have a major issue of how the first couple arcs are done, I mean I hate how it has to re-establish the setting every time (gets boring) but that is far from a being considered a huge fault. This season flows pretty smoothly as you don't get much inforation yet to find plot holes. For most part it is watchable, nothing amazing ( just a bit graphic and gory at times)

Higurashi Kai
Now here is where all the issues come out. First thing we see is we meet grown up Rena. Now the problem is, they make it seem like Miyo's Journal was about Aliens and such, which conflicts with the MAJOR catalyst of the why Rika dies. I mean if it was about aliens and zero acknowledgement, doesn't that mean Miyo failed? Why is she magically out of the picture in this arc? Even if she was actually murdered off scene, the idea that her journals were portrayed as "occult novel books" ( in the last season end) shows it looks NOTHING like writing of a university graduate. If anything it should be filled with theories, equations, observations and procedures. Hard to mistake that for just Occult novel books. Even IF they pass it off as Miyo not being the villian, how is Rena still alive? She was infected with everyone researching the disease dead. Why is Rena still around?

The 1st arc had no major flaws, jsut another retale of what would happen. Now the 2nd arc is where the "magic" happens, we meet Hanyu for the first time. Now this is the quickiest, most rushed way to "fix" everyones problems. I mean Keiichi's insanity was never brought to light what triggered it so he's magically "Fixed". Mion was saved by a doll, and Rena was saved by a 5 min chat. Now these could barely be passed off even though it is pretty bad, but why Shion? Last season it was portrayed how much she despised her family for killing Satoshi. Just probably seeing Keiichi would have sprouted thoughts of him, the doll probably wouldn't have mattered. How Shion was magically lost her lust for vengeance is beyond me and never even touched on.
Now this arc furthers pushes forth for a while with Sotoko's problem for a couple eps. The resolution to this is still a bit sketchy why Sonozaki family even agreed in first place and not stepped in at the start. After this we get our reveal on who the enemy is and we get to see her background a bit. Your understandable EMO "I hate you world" story.

Now skip forth to final arc. They literally skip ahead like everyone's insanity was never even an issue. Everyone was fine to begin with ( so what was point of the WHOLE FIRST SEASON if it was so easily fixed?) and even Sonozaki family magically agrees without the slightest disagreement. At this point if you look back, almost EVERY character made 180 personalities in a span of a couple arcs. Rika is portrayed to have been around for a thousand years. At a month at a time, that is ALOT of times she had to try. Why was these first question arcs THAT hard to figure out when it could be solved in 5 mins?

Now we get to the climax with the Rika gang facing off against Miyo gang. Now first grueling issue is when they hole themselves up in the estate. THAT WAS THE WORST EXCUSE I EVER SEEN of how they make it out. I must ask, WHERE DID ALL THE GUNS GO? Magically none of them are armed, but when they raided, they were armed with guns and explosives. Also, how did Akasaka beat up like 4 guys? It is portrayed in first season that he couldn't even beat 1. HOW DID HE POWER UP SO MUCH!?!?!?
Are these soldiers suddenly so crap they get owned by everything? What happened to being elite?

Only issue left is the sappy ending. It is portrayed Rika goes back and saves Miyo from her fate by having her parents survive. This seemed like the MOST FORCED ATTEMPT EVER TO MAKE EVERYTHING HAPPY. With that kind of power, she could prevent all wars and such. Why is she bothering with something so insignificant in comparison?
In the end, if you changed the char names and looks, I would easily believe the 2 season aren't even related. I mean 1 is Mystery and Horror while the other season is more about friendship and sappy endings. All the characters change so significantly it is like they are different people. The plot is full of holes, and it lacks fluidity. This has got to be the most overhyped anime I ever seen. It fails in the most important aspect of mystery stories, the plot. A plot holed mystery story is like watching paint dry. Combine that with the arcs needing to re-introduce the setting multiple times makes it even more boring. I was pausing this anime many times due to it being to slow.
7/10 first season, 3/10 second season.

I wouldn't recommend this atrocity to anyone. (took me a whole 10 mins to get that spoiler button working D:)


Game Review: Starcraft II Campaign

Personal Opinion (Contains Spoilers)

It seems that nowadays the gaming industry no longer believes in a needing a story. Could the gaming community honestly have had their imagination deteriorate to the point that utter garbage such as this could suffice? The story for SCII was written in broken-up chunks that the writers perhaps thought were cool but unfortunately, in storytelling, just having puzzle pieces isn't enough; you actually have to make something out of it.

Decisions have no consequences, none whatsoever. The only decision that had a consequence they didn't even let you make.

Let's break this sentence down:

Dr. Hanson and the Jamaican Spectre both provided the SCII single-player campaign with subplots, aka side quests, to follow when the player was pissed off at the terrible and disjointed main storyline.

For Dr. Hanson's side quest line, at the end you had to choose either fighting the Protoss to let the good doctor finish her infestation project and in turn save herself (she's infested, too) or agree with the Protoss and purge Haven. The mission will take the same amount of time and effort regardless of the decision you make - however, Dr. Hanson will die if you purge Haven because she locked herself in the lab and went all infested up in there. Conversely, if you don't purge Haven, she cures herself and the colonists (of a Zerg infestation, mind you) and somehow turned into a love interest literally out of the blue, asking you to stay with her forever on Haven (lol?).

Maybe none of the writers for SCII have experienced love before, or maybe they just don't care any more, because if either was false, they would've immediately taken a hammer to the latter ending and then to the skull that housed it.

In psychology, affection is measured with key moments of interaction, which is not difficult to emulate in a game; that's why Japan has been doing it for decades. The "moments" you've had with Ariel (the doctor) were no more than idle chatter, reminiscent of awkward staring at the photocopying machine.

I digress.

Now, I've only played SCI, SCI BW, and now SCII, so maybe I missed out on the title where Zerg infestations aren't a big deal, because Dr. Hanson here just CURED it and nobody cares. If anything, the Protoss should be running around screaming, “An Taro Hanson,” or something. Seriously, it's like discovering silver while fighting werewolves. You would assume the slightest amount of repercussion could be felt later down the line for the story...and yet how terribly wrong you would be.

For the less amazing alternative, you've purged Haven and honoured your Protoss buddy, the Executor of a Protoss carrier fleet. A nice turn of events later would have been that maybe she came to help you out with something, or maybe even gave you a unit or mercenary option. Nope, stuff like that is only reserved for good games.

The Spectre side quest line wasn't nearly as dramatic; you're faced with the decision of either busting out all the prisoners (including all the spectres) or turning your gun on your Jamaican Spectre buddy because a pretty Ghost lady told you to.

The outcomes of the decision are basically you either train Spectres from now on or Ghosts; now, throughout the entire story, they'd made Spectres out to be the ultimate rapists, the fanatical and psychotic upgrade of a Ghost, stronger in every way. However, as it turns out (or rather, as I found out) Spectres are pretty much a reskin of Ghosts and perform about the same.

In the case that you took him out because the pretty Ghost lady told you to, he'll no longer be onboard the ship (duh, cuz you took him out), and therefore will not be able to constantly tell you about Jim's best buddy's secret plot to take out Kerrigan.

Now, here's the part that sucks: having been warned repeatedly by the Spectre or not makes zero difference in the end, where you still put a bullet in Tychus' (Jim's buddy) head in the same way. In fact, they were so lazy with the Specter's plot that during the second last mission, where Jim took his Super Squad with him (and this included the mechanic and the scientist), the Spectre wasn't even mentioned.

So what's the difference between choosing Spectre or Ghost? That's right, none whatsoever.

Okay, onto the second part of the sentence, where "the only decision with a real consequence they didn't even let you make". Throughout the campaign, one thing was made clear: Kerrigan was the key to stopping the coming storm. Why? Because the Overmind's vision said so. (Yeah, there was no explanation; it was literally just, "She was the only thing that could hinder me and you took her out. Har di har har.")

Now, this is the way I see it: the Hybrids (Protoss and Zerg) can commandeer the Zerg in the vicinity to work for them. The Overmind was programmed by the Xel'Naga to attack the Protoss relentlessly, but the Overmind pulled a fast one over his programming and created Kerrigan, and then purposely went to Auir to die, thus granting Kerrigan free will. With this freedom, Kerrigan can openly oppose the Xel'Naga if they come back to commandeer the Zerg, and ergo become the hindrance prophesized.

In the end, after acquiring the artefact, knowing that somehow (unexplained yet again) he (Raynor) can use the areifact to return Kerrigan back to human and also knowing that Kerrigan desperately wanted the artefact, his real decision should be this: use the artefact on Kerrigan to return her to human (repercussions unknown) or give the artefact to Kerrigan (she's reasonable, kind of, and clearly still has a thing for Jim. She also likely knows more about the artefact than anyone else).

The problem with allowing the player to make this decision, however, is that, you see, Starcraft is a cash cow. Blizzard can't rely on WoW forever, so Starcraft needs to come out with a few more expansions and an SCIII. That, ultimately, is why the only real decision in SCII can't be left up to the players; it would make coming out with another sequel kind of confusing. God forbid they can be ingenious and come up with a storyline like Mass Effect 2.

I would have forgiven this lack, except for the fact that the writers decided make it look like the ultimate decision was whether or not to take out Kerrigan. After spending the entire game and the whole Protoss sub-campaign emphasizing the outcome if Kerrigan were to die (all existence would get snuffed out), they turn around and do this. There's more consistency in a children's picture book.

Now that we are speaking of inconsistencies and painfully contrived events, comparing SCI's storyline to SCII is like comparing Romance of the Three Kingdoms to a piece of plastic.

To start with, some genius decided Raynor's personality wasn't badass enough, so he needed to change his entire past.

The Raynor we know is the Marshal of a backwater colony who encountered a Zerg infestation during the two species' first meeting. He was branded a criminal for purging the infestation when Mengsk (Leader of the Sons of Korhal Revolutionary Group at the time) took him in. There, he met Kerrigan, and he fell in love with her. Due to Mengsk’s betrayal, Kerrigan was left to die on Tarsonis as it was engulfed by the Zerg swarm, and Raynor could only watch helplessly. From then on Raynor, felt responsible for the destruction caused by the Queen of Blades, his former lover, and joined the Protoss in the fight against them. Furthermore, he still remembered the debt of blood he owes Mengsk, which he’ll one day repay.

In my opinion, that's a pretty decent background story, with plenty to take advantage from. But apparently, it wasn't enough for the writers; they wanted him to be more like John Marston (see Red Dead Redemption). Raynor needed another past, one before all the events of SCI; he needed to be a criminal, an outlaw. Why? It was all to introduce Tychus, Jim's best buddy from the past, released from prison to do the bidding of some research group secretly owned by Mengsk's son.

The events of SCII could have easily unfolded without the help of Tychus, who in the end didn't really serve much purpose except to get shot in the face when he pulled the gun on Kerrigan. (There ain't no bro before this ho. lolz) This is ironic because Raynor went up against the entire crew to keep Tychus onboard, but when put up against Kerrigan, he meant nothing.

It wasn't enough to give Raynor a new past and not make use of it; Raynor's personality also took a bullet. Raynor learned the art of PMS, from I guess the lack of estrogen in his current life, and started getting drunk and yelling at people who questioned him.

The rest of the cast had next to no personality. They were all simply generic archetypical response schemes based on a one-sentence character description that may or may not have existed.

Character development was, simply put, nonexistent.

What the hell was that artefact? Even at the end, it was never explained. All we knew was that if you pulse it normally, it pops every Zerg in a square click - however, after it's fully charged, it'll change Kerrigan back to normal...after she has evolved beyond imagination. Now know this: Zergs evolve by constantly mutating and attacking itself on a genetic level, so a stronger mutation will take over until an even stronger mutation overtakes that; it's the epitome of natural selection. A single Zerg organism can evolve faster in a few days than the human race can in hundreds of millions of years. So like, if the Dominion scientists have mastered the artefact to the point that it can de-evolve Kerrigan back into human form, then why the hell are they even afraid of the Zerg? They can reverse engineer anything, or maybe reconstruct the derelict Xel'Naga shipwreck they've got the last fragment on. It's because they didn't explain the artefact at all that such assumptions are possible. The writers' laziness and lack of commitment to their work caused these horrible and easily routed plotholes and inconsistencies.

If the game only kept key points without dallying on side quests that had no consequences worth knowing, the entire game (26 missions) would only amount to seven or eight missions. If they followed the same consistent story telling that SCI had, this game would have less than five missions.

The entire purpose of SCII was to watch Raynor do everyone else's bidding, play his part like a tool and find no answers, and then ultimately, returning Kerrigan back to human, method unknown, purpose unknown; this entire game was one big question mark. Not a single question was answered, not a single situation was resolved, and more complications were introduced. This isn't storytelling; this is called writer's block.

I'll offer my opinions with a grain of salt, as there is a faint glimmer of possibility that they'll execute the writers that defiled the masterpiece that was SCI, and then hopefully salvage what's left of the title in the next installment of the saga.

Score Breakdown

>Plot Design (8.5 out of 20.0) [42.5%]
Unimaginative, contrived; too many plot holes and inconsistencies; reneged on established backgrounds; character interactions are unrealistic; minimal character development; writers showed a lack of understanding towards SCI and didn't seem to care.

>Narrative (5.0 out of 20.0) [25%]
Narrative seems confused and plot seems to have changed multiple times in the development process, which shows; attempts were made to divert the player's attention from blatantly obvious plotholes, but not enough care was taken in doing so; difficult to sympathize with any of the characters, as they were emotionally and mentally challenged; halfway through the narrative began to rush, so it feels like it ended prematurely.

>Flow (2.0 out of 10.0) [20%]
None existed; side quests had zero impact on storyline; decisions had no future significance to the story and were often times not even mentioned; main character's history became disjoint after being tampered with, were past events and acquaintances possessed no impact; too many things were conveniently ignored or left out, never to be explained.

>Level Design (13.5 out of 15.0) [90%]
Well-crafted levels with interesting global events; a variety of communication chatter to keep the player immersed; detailed triggers sometimes kept the player on edge; some events forced the player to change tactics, or to think on a dime.

>Immersion (10.0 out of 20.0) [50%]
Missions are intricately designed, with no downtimes for the player to lose interest; missions were not generic, so unique events kept the player alert; post-/pre-mission information gathering were routine and dull, and conversations with crew members were mundane and sometimes completely pointless; major game events were mostly overly contrived; the plot did not twist or tighten; game did not incite any emotions such as shock, anger, sorrow or joy; there were no points of tension in the plot, no points of reprieve; characters were difficult to sympathize with.

>Satisfaction (7.0 out of 15.0) [47%]
The "betrayal" cinematic was heart-touching, where reliving powerful moments from SCI in full CG cutscenes brings up tears of nostalgia; there were few events that occurred which players could feel strongly about; the best moments of SCII, such as meeting Zaratul or boarding the Hyperion, seemed only to borrow the emotions of SCI rather than create emotions of their own; there were no emotional attachments to the ending or after major battles.

Total (46.0 out of 100.0)


The campaign is only worth playing for some of its cinematic moments. The campaign missions are on par with some of the better custom maps.

If you're looking for the same experience as SCI, this isn't the place for it. As far as I am concerned, the SCII campaign doesn't exist.

~*+ Rho


So some updates, Orea is leading me in the Soul Master thing, I blame him posting first and getting a link on their front page. To combat this I want MORE CLICKSSS. It would also help if you logged in (or made an account to "Digg it" too)

So CLICK MY REVIEW OR ELSE, go Rena, punish them for not clicking my link!!!

So that aside this week (and the real reason for this post) is based on Amagami SS.

They have entered the 2nd arc where the main character dates another girl. Now a bunch of posts back, I complained how eps 3 of Amagami pissed me off to no extent AND DO THIS AGAIN on this weeks eps. It makes me think their gonna do it for EVERY ARC. At this point it has pissed me off enough that I must drop it. Good news is Ookami-san is getting better and better each eps.
Just thinking about Amagami:

On another anime-ish related note, Claymore chapter that came out today made me go ^_^
Lately I been disliking it for being so Clare heavy, but now with her own battle, the star of the show Miria, gets to take center stage (my fav char in Claymore) YAY!

In a couple more weeks and Rho will finally be back from China and probably have some huge blog posts with it (mabe Aaro too). She's been busy with Starcraft 2 and trying new MMOs. Last one was LOCO which she hated cause she lags like hell in it. She did find some interesting ones coming out soon that are worth checking out. So now to add Tera and Legend of Edda to the long list of MMOs coming out soon that we wanna try.

Final fun note, since most these people will never come back to see this post here are some links to some funny google searches people end up clicking to this page from in last 3 days.


Pearz wants to win

This blog post is brought to by the selfish desires of Pearz wanting to win.

During the week between CB and OB for Soul Master, they are hosting an event to get people to write reviews for their MMO.

Having already written a review found this as a perfect chance to copy paste with some small edits, and post it at an attempt to win the prize.

Now Pearz wants to come in at least the top 3, and with nearly no competition at this point, it seems almost assured that I would win. Now, why take chances? So I bid you all to:

CLICK THIS LINK (was changed from to MMOsite, from MMORPG if you saw post within first hour D:, old link in case ppl wanna click it for no reason XD)

So that I get more clicks, as a thank you, have a loli

On anime-ish note, finished season 1 of Higurashi though it was decent I don't think it was as amazing as the rating set it out to be. Guess I'll see if season 2 changes my mind. Rena is absolutely kawaii, I want to take her home XD

and for those that didn't like my loli have some more piczzzz:


Yandere fever

bleh, why do I have so many things to update lately

No shortage of random crap I feel like posting lately so to start off; I'm over the death of onemanga since mangafox has lead me to find this manga. Their is only 5+1 chapters atm but I found it so good that I highly recommend it(extremely rare I ever highly recommend something). Definitely 1 of my top fav Mangas atm.

Also I have decided to pick up some Yandere-ish animes seeing this post while googling around randomly:
11eyes, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Baka to Test Shoukanjuu. Hope they surprise me pleasantly XD
Starting with Higurashi since it seems to have some general high rates around anime sites.

Also opened up the xat box to be open to guests too, if to much spam occurs I'll change it back to members only.

If you guys wanted to leave a message to Rho/Aaro, you can find them Here. It is link to the half complete wordpress page I was working on until I realized their would be no Java and dropped it. Poor deluded Aaro was misinformed by Rho and thought I was going to continue.

So some final fun picks:

And since Force didn't know who Miku was (How can you not love my Moe Miku for my xat box background) and fiting my Yandere-ish mood lately:


Enter, Hero Rozetri

Think this is most frequent posting I made

Last post was less then a day ago but SOMTHING BIG OCCURED!11!!1!!

Today in Allods news, one of our own, Rozetri has gotten spotlight in the news.

I get a total of 1 mention of my name and 2 half mentions (Mage in mog island, and Elemental wrath XD)

Congratz Rozetri, may you step out of the Rhoze's shadow XD


So what has been up with recent updates

So I been updating blog more often due to 2 major things.
1. I pretty much quit Allods at this point, logging on only to chat in guild chat and help with some menial tasks and I only play soul master for an hour or 2 every night with Rho (Due to timezone issue)

2. I learned my stat counter on the side actually comes with IP tracker for my site. I can see how many visitors and such that show up now. I actually didn't know I had so many visitors that pop in and out of site and made me overjoyed. Gave me the push to update more. For those feeling violated, every site you visit probably has one, you just don't know it D:

So these things gave me the push and the time to update more frequently. So with access to this tracker now (since Rho was the one that actually registered it and didn't know it did this) I have learned that someone is running a bot on my blog? I don't understand why you would do this, all it does is refresh my blog main page every 15 mins, so here is to calling you out D: I mean I'm kinda flattered you would do this, but why?

So I been playing Soul Master with Rho and will probably play Open Beta too. I will roll priest while Rho stays Knight. We learned to enjoy the classes we originally picked. We make a really good team together and can ussually win carrying whoever our 3rd is.

On other news with Force asking me about animes last night I realized I don't remember half the stuff I watched so I decided to compile a list. I used Anime-Planet but I hate how you can only rate by the stars. I would like to give ratings like 7.5 but with the stars, I'm stuck at giving 7 or 8. Either way this is how I rate:
10 - impossible to be perfect, 9 - must watch, 8 - recommend, 7- watchable. 5 - it's so brutal I can barely finish.

Mainly did it since I wanted to know just how many Animes I watched myself, the manga list I didn't even bother to try updating since it would be needlessly long, instead I just left the Mangas I keep up with right now( though incomplete due to some Mangas not showing up on their list)

ETA: 4.5 hours till onemanga dies.

Stealth Edit: Like to point out a nifty program (more of a script) that Aura showed me. This is a latancy Reducer, for gaming in general (not just WOW). I would explain it but that page is pretty in depth and explains extactly how it works and such. Give it a shot if your having latency issues.

Random quote I liked from movie I watched recently (Riverworld):
The Road we walk was built with the stones that scar our feet.