Spawned Bosses Are Evil

So I was killing Girimekhala on ch6 today. This Karasu-Tengu of mine needed about 10% to level, which is about 2 bosses (without any exp item on it; I'm cheap and frugal). I was on my second summon when suddenly people start pouring in...and killing my boss. = =


Apparently, it's a GM event. Maybe because Greywulf is leaving, or maybe because he and Jolt decided they wanted some kind of fun. I don't know. It's a little bit annoying, though. Isn't all channels a little much? And this is a boss that needs to be explicitly player-summoned, too. Maybe other bosses would be better for these kinds of events - like Kali. Damn randomized spawn. >_>

Maybe I'm just complaining because my demon is 4% from levelling and I'm just too lazy to go level it somehow, now that I got stinted out of my first attempt. Or maybe because I technically lost an egg and I'm too lazy to go hunt for another one. Either way: Aaro is lazy.

~Aaro off