Blast From Pearz Past : Aaro Edit I

Is it abusive of my powers if I choose to make a new post instead of commenting on the previous one? I don't know. Aaro's ideas are "skewed and crappy". ^^

At a time, Rho and I wanted to get her the Argama Suit (the one that you get after giving in all four elemental cards!). First, we attempted Sugi Gold (at level 30-ish). It wasn't going so badly; I was really strong (in comparison to Rho) back then. The problem was that her dodge NEVER worked against the elemental cannons.

We were really angry and fed-up - and then I realized that the elementals may or may not drop the cards, but you can "buy" them from the salesman in Arcadia. Since you can potentially get only one card maybe every 20 or so hours, Rho and I made some mules to get the cards faster. This is where Rho2 (now the synthesizer) came in - as well as Pearz.

You heard it here first: Pearz was our mule, in the beginning.

I imagine it must be very hard, to be in Arcadia, of all places, at the beginning of a game. Poor Pearz. The amazing thing is that she stuck by it. But...we lost a mule. T_T

~Aaro off