Aaro Loves Rho Thi~~s Much

Rho whined about how I wrote a post "about Pearz and why not about me?!" So here it is. Aaro's (rose-tinted) perspective of Rho.

She used to be a mage, right? Completely unable to protect herself! I mean, yes, she did insane damage against demons - but only when ranged! (And her insane damage always made me sigh in jealousy...but it was ranged and she failed at close-range so my reason for living was reaffirmed!)

But she's lv73+ now (almost to lv74, that's why +). She maxed out her magic stat a long time ago - and since she also Demo Dashes, she started putting it into strength. She can...she can whack things and actually do more than ~5 damage now. She can...she can take care of herself in a close-combat situation now.

Just for kicks: here is Rho using Delorean. You know. Just for reference.

I don't know how this thread turned so sad and self-loathing...? I'm sure she still folds like paper when actually hit by something REAL (and not a random demon outside in Nakano).

Here's the Pachipachiou she was super excited about~ All modded and stuff. MGC 5/1 is so weak, though~ ^__^

Pearz and she have been trying to get to 108 in Ichi Gold lately. And here's their (rare) gem find of late~

Lastly, before I head off (and hope that Rho is happy now because sleeping is difficult when she isn't): she hoards things like hourglasses. I don't know why.

~Aaro off