Pearz's Crazy Lucky Day

So pew pew, Pearz again. Today the new fortune cards were added. With it was this new broken spear, along with other equally broken items that would tip the balance - use cash shop items or do miserably low damage. So far nothing about my luck - we'll start off with the new items that I acquired:

Okay, so the Gae Bolg isn't new, but look at the mod! :O It's new: +5 charge (and I got it on my first try with dismally low percents). That was Lucky Break Number One. The second was that spear that everyone is after. I opened it from the fortune cards on my first card. :O With luck like that, I promptly modded it up to the nice spiffy stats it has now. That talisman I bought and there was no luck involved, but it's new - and hey, the stats on it makes it so broken. The 3rd Lucky Break was that I got the consolation prize from all my Succubus hunting: the archer zodiac stone. It sells for a pretty penny, so that's always nice to see. It's bland, so not posting it. Nothing to see. <.<

Long story short, I got 3 big Lucky Breaks today. Just hope that this luck doesn't cut into my Emperor Sword hunting luck (cause we all know that luck is transferable XD). Really lucky day regardless~ ^_^

Current Succubus Kill Count: 400+ (I'll quit when I hit 1000 <.<)