Blast From Pearz Past : Part 1

To start off, Fortunes are still broken, and we're all anxious to throw money at the new Fortune Cards. Well, not me, at least; I won't recharge again unless PVP is added. <.<

Since Aaro's version is skewed and crappy, I'll do my own version of a Nubby Pearz - and if asked about it, I will deny it ever existed.

Megaten first started for me when Rho was all, "ZOMGZ this is so fun you have to try it!?!?!" Well not exactly like that, but that was what I heard. At that point, I was semi-bored of DOMO (another Aeria game), so I decided to give it a chance. The first time trying Megaten was semi-confusing and all I did was finish doing Act 0. I was annoyed by the walking system and how long it took me to get anywhere, so I stopped playing. It wasn't until a week or two later, during a maintenance or such on DOMO, that I gave Megaten a second chance. (Especially since Rho was still going, "ZOMGZ play it nao!!") Thus began the Megaten addiction.

At first, Rho kept urging that I go gunner as it was amazing. I didn't feel like doing the mainstream easy thing and chose the class that was considered crap: melee. It started off brutal, seeing as how weak a melee is. By level 15-ish, Rho took me to Ueno to get my set of elemental machetes. The first super big hurdle I faced was reaching level 25. That Act was brutal the first time, doing the test. Though now, looking back, it's a walk in the park if you use timely dodges and guards - but I was nubby and died a couple times trying to finish it.

So Part 1 over; I'll continue later, maybe after the Fortunes are unbroken. <.<