Pearz: Random Rant?

For starters, Rho and Aaro still seem to off in La-La Land, leaving me all alone here. T_T

This weekend has just been big promo after big promo, trying to get people to massively recharge AP - and spend it. I mean, there was the permanent "30% bonus cash", then the "spend 5k AP get 2.5k AP back", and the "spend some XX LARGE sum of money to get even MORE bonus cash back". Me being ABSOLUTELY PARANOID, I believed it's a bid to rack up tons of cash...and then run away with all our cash. Rho and my logic are convinced I'm wrong. Too bad my paranoia controls me.

That aside, it is almost the end of month.

Hopefully all of you AP buyers are gonna cash in on "Fun" Month , cause in my opinion this month wasn't fun. Lots of sub-par fortune cards and still no new promised patch (that is long overdue). It has been 5 months-ish since Megaten opened and we have yet to get a drop of new content. Closest thing is more reasons to burn all our real money for the same old stuff.

So enough about AP stuff. Today I hit level 86 and it struck me hard. I realized I was one of the highest levels. (Still blame all those lazy people that want plvls, making me level up too - though, soon that will change when I raise prices to dissuade people from using my own service. I'm crazy to stab myself in the foot, ruining my own money source.) Other than Xay and Aytheal, no one else is a higher level. There are others at 86, but no one in the 87-88 gap at all. With that realization, my head was exploding about how I somehow wormed my way up to being one of the highest levels. My solution: swearing off 3x player incense to slow down my levelling speed; I don't wanna hit the top this quickly. I really will have nothing to do if I hit 90.

So, long story short: I'm paranoid, borderline crazy and I'm insane for levelling so fast.