Mind of an addict

Exam week! And because of that I've not been able to be on Megaten or have much of a social life in general, but I'm taking a little break to write something random yet interesting for the non-existent audience this blog boasts. =)

he one thing that always peeved me was when you're finishing up a bottle of pop and there's always that tiny little bit at the bottom that just does not want to get in your mouth, no matter how much you suck and suck. x_x The worst part is that after you flip the bottle around to get it all in the cap, you unscrew the cap and it sprays icky pop all over you.

Frustrate no more! Rho the Genius has figured out how to get around it~

The reason why the pop sprays all over is because of the gas compressed in the bottle - even a little bit of movement such as flipping the bottle around can create the effect - so when the bottle is flipped, the pop filling up in the cap is acting as a barrier between the air inside the bottle, and the air its trying to equalize pressure with (outside the bottle).

So how to fix this you ask? It's all about playing with air pressure, because if high pressure inside the bottle makes air want to leave the bottle, then the converse must be true! (Creating low pressure inside the bottle, that is.) First we keep the bottle right side up, squeeze some air out and then screw on the cap. Next flip the bottle and unscrew the cap, you'll hear the sound of air being sucked into the bottle, and because pop is heavier than air, it'll simply let the air coming in roll by and stay in the cap.

And voila! Never again will the last drop of pop elude your addiction.

~*+ Rho