Aaro Agrees With Pearz

OMG, can the title be true?! Yes, yes, it is. I may be crazy for doing it, but I agree with Pearz' (paranoia-induced) theory about how April needs to be Fun Month. They did take away the Weekend Events though - how is that fun?!

And now...look here because Rho isn't awake and I'm too lazy to go upload a screenshot to post. Page 8 of that thread, last post. GMGreywulf (who hasn't left yet...? I think I'm missing parts of that story = =) says, "We will be hosting a 24 hour 2x Experience event this Saturday with a continued Expertise event the 11th @ 10AM PST (5PM GMT). All other weekend events for the week of (4/10/09 - 4/12/09) will be looked over and brought to your attention on that day."

If you continue with that thread, happiness all around! Happiness in-game, too. People will come back to the game! People will skip work to take advantage of this!

In other words...see what Pearz' idea on this was. *cough*give us something you took away*cough*

Regardless~ I'm happy that there's a double-exp and double-expertise event. Rho really needs this. Pearz will really enjoy this. I...I am so super busy that I'm lucky to be able to write this (because I'm eating breakfast and have a hand free). Ah, that's too sad...

~Aaro off