Aaro Remembers When Pearz Was Young

So apparently Pearz isn't so happy about my recent vacation (La-La Land is overrated, although pretty much free). I don't particularly have anything to say. I've been busy, so no Megaten~

Pearz recently hit lv86 (or so I'm told; I haven't seen her in-game for some time...), which is really startling. Her last burst of levelling was spurred by the want (NEED?) for the Kali stones, and then after that I'm pretty sure she didn't have any need to level. But it's a big jump from lv68 to lv86. I remember when she first started Megaten, and Rho and I were 30-something (and finished our acts). She worked so hard to level! She camped Sugi Tunnels to find parties always, and jumped from bronze to silver while just barely on that cusp. (Tunnels 24/7 ftw~)

Back then, whenever the three of us did a dungeon run, she worried and asked constantly, "Am I helping? Am I just holding you guys back? Am I just leeching?" (Just like a stereotypical girl, by the way. ...Am I going to get flamed for that comment? *worries*) It's funny because now, when the three of us do a dungeon run, those thoughts are in MY head. Somehow we've come a full circle - except Rho is unaffected, regardless. Stupid mage.

I don't have pictures. But Pearz, when doing Act 14 (the Douman Charms from Home II), did some kind of aoe on the demons (I swear, she must have ran up and spun them >_>), and died every 2 minutes. (Which is pretty good, considering she was I think low 20s then.) Neither Rho nor I particularly wanted to help with those super-agro demons (although everything after that is pretty much super-agro), but I did stay in the area of Home II, killing Ganeshas and waiting until I saw the telltale burst of light informing me that Pearz had died. Time to go rez!

(By the way. In the end, I went down there and got the two she needed.)

Am I embarassing Pearz with these stories of days long forgotten~? Heh heh heh.

~Aaro off