It's Maintenance Tuesday Again...

So~ Maintenance Tuesday again. They decided to add 2 new Fortune Cards again; oh, joy.

So Fortune Card 1: the "why is this card worth 600AP and there's nothing good in here?" one. I mean, all the items are so you can look like demons in-game? Why would you wanna look like some lowbie demon that gets 1-hit? <.< Also a new Thunder Axe was added that's in every way inferior to our preexisting Thunder God. Why in god's name would you use this thing? It even looks bad.

Conclusion: this Fortune Card is filled with fail.

Fortune Card 2: the "zomgz we can now buy out a good synthesizer character" one. I mean, look at these textbooks: they added Occultism, Demonology, and Weapon Knowledge - the 3 essential things to level for synthesis. Kind of a kick in the ass for all of the people that worked hard to level up synthesis just to have some rich kid buy it out and make it look like a joke. Can't really complain though; I myself used these books as a shortcut, so my synthesis is higher now. I used quite a few books myself already. All these were used on 5x mastery. I went, with 26 demonology books, from 5.0 to 5.9 Demonology. Then, 10 Occultism books got me from 5.1 to 5.5 Occultism. And 10 Weapon Knowledge books got me 0.1 to 1.7 Weapon Mastery. It's a good Fortune - it particularly has a lot of filler consumable items that we're running out of on server. Really needed a new Fortune to fuel some of the consumables back in, like mirrors, cups and incenses. At least this Fortune Card is cheap, at 150AP. Overall, a good Fortune, just a kick in the ass for all the hardcore synthesizers that worked hard for it.

So we're having an emergency maintenance now, leaving me 5% from level 80. Blasted Aeria, forcing me to stay up so I can finish my level. <.< *shakes fist*