Maintenance Tuesday Again

So, as always, the 2 oldest Fortunes cycle out to be replaced by 2 new ones.

Fortune Card 1: The return of the old Demon Fortune Card.
Don't know how many people are opening this card since everyone's ogling the other one. But this is a real gem. It contains everything you need for synthesis and thus is absolutely huge for me. I love this fortune card and it's only 150AP, so it's cheap too. Suggest everyone open a couple~

Fortune Card 2: The new stuff card.
Let me start by saying that the new suit is UGLY. No one in their right mind should want it. D:
The real prize in this fortune is all those new extras. They boost your elemental damage by 10%. It's a huge bonus that everyone wants a piece of. The filler items in this chest are useful, too - so at least you're not getting super-useless items that you will never need.

So, really, both Fortunes Cards added are good. I would suggest everyone stock up on the first card's consumables, since it is extremely useful. And try and collect all the elements from the second card...then ignore it otherwise.

Cheers~ Have fun with the new Fortunes; it's less crappy than last week. XD