ZOMGZ : Pearz solos Assassin room?

So today there was a random 1-hour of No Death Penalty for some random event that I don't care about. So I took the chance to run to the 108th floor of Ichi Gold. At the 108th floor, this man stood in my way to the boss room:

And then the massive assassins inside:

Missed the screen shot showing the room filled though. T_T So we skip that screen shot and watch me (finally) clear the last Assassin:

And then the final cutscene:

Total number of Assassins was 30. Just look at the insane exp each assassin gives. :O I mean, look at my exp gain: went from 73% to 90% :O

Thanks to Ren for Supply Card so I could get down there, and to Wakaba and Rho, who helped me rush-fuse an Odin into my Kongo Blade so I could do this. (Had to finish an Odin and fuse it in an hour~ D:)

And my new Kongo Blade that helped me through this: