Pearz: Just Another Paranoid Day...

So, big-ish news of the day is my crazy demon is finally done. :O

So it took a while, but I got all 4 easy -dyne skills. So now, with my demon done, I attempted to start soloing Ichi Gold runs. Apparently now, with all these crazy new items and my buff new demon, I can solo the run in 13-15 mins. :O (Maybe I'll frap it if I can somehow cut my time under 10 mins.) This is perfect since then I can fit exactly 2 runs per incense. With the crazy exp rolling in, I'm considering going crazy-grind-whore for a bit and maybe catching up to highest level in-game. :O

Also, in sadder news, I unofficially give up on Succubus Hunting. That Emperor Sword eludes me and I don't think she will ever drop it for me. T_T

End Total Succubus Kill Count: 550

One day, I might start doing it in droves again, when I feel like wasting time for something that just wasn't meant to be...

So this weekend: no death penalty, double experience, and double expertise was removed. That's odd since this month is supposedly "Fun Month" for Aeria Games, and I'm pretty sure removing these events wouldn't be considered fun for most people. So here is Pearz' thoughts on this. They purposely remove the events at the start of the month so people get angry now, but then kind of calm down. Then, at the end of the month, they'll - surprise! - re-add the events, and also throw in a new content patch. That way, everyone focuses on how they added all this stuff and it's fun-fun-fun - and forget all they did was give you something you had before. Just a bid to make it seem like you're having loads of fun at the end of the month and neglect the start of it.

Yeah, I know I'm slightly paranoid but its okay~ XD