Cu Chulainn - Because He's Admirable

So this is what Wiki says:

"Cu Chulainn was a warrior in Irish mythology and the hero of Ulster. His given name at birth was Setanta, however he later changed it to Cu Chulainn to atone for his killing of the fierce watchdog of Chulainn, his new name literally meaning 'Hound of Culann [sic?]'. It is said that while in battle Cu Chulainn was near undefeatable due to his skill with the Gae Bulg and his warrior frenzy, which once evoked increased his power, but made him unable to tell friend from foe."

So apparently Setanta is an un-l33t version of Cu Chulainn. xD Moreover, it absolutely makes sense that the Gae Bulg is Cu Chulainn's weapon; you need his crystals to make it. What I think would be cool is if the Gae Bulg's special attack (I don't know what it's called; would ask Pearz but she's MIA) shot in a straight line - AoE! - and had a chance of hitting any ally (party member~) standing in the line of fire. Tell me that wouldn't be cool. Annoying if it killed you, but still cool~

~Aaro off