New Lottery?!

That Spear of Duftach seems imbalanced. I want that +20% to fire~ Maybe I should focus more on elements now? I've been doing more weapon-affinity; my slash is really good now. But maybe I should be a fire-based melee. Compliment Rho and her fire-based mage ways. I don't know. >_>

I want incenses of strength! But 4 for 300AP seems a little much. I should have stocked up on more when they came in stacks of 10ish (I think?). I ended that lottery round with 50+ I think. But I used them so much... For some reason, I'm kind of biased against the small ones. They're no good! lolz

I've been thinking about how much I want my chaos coat. It looked nice when I first got it and the stat boost is nice, but maybe I'm a little weary of it now. But Rho likes it, so... I'm so whipped. o.o

~Aaro off