Boss Hunt Event, part Pearz

So pew pew, Pearz here, forced to write about our crazy boss hunt adventure.

To start off: when I first saw this event, my first thought was, "Like stealing candy from a baby." Our entire clan, day in and day out, would just hunt bosses, regardless of whether there was an event or not. Little did we know tat we would end up with a gruelling fight to win.

We started off just taking it easy; 20-30 eggs in the first 2 days. But then we realized that the Desire team had the intention of trying to beat us. Even then, though, we didn't take them that seriously, since they had never boss hunted before. By the 3-4th day, we realized that if we didn't pick up our pace, we might not be able to win. At this point was when Rho and I started to buy out all the eggs to compete with the other team (that had been doing the same thing since Day 1). It was nearing the weekend and that was when the two teams would have most time to do eggs. Since we were still neck-and-neck, the final 2-day weekend would determine who would win this event.

Buying eggs was going great; we had amassed a large sum of eggs from buying them out. At the end of Saturday, both teams had held out screenshots of the Giri kills to throw each other off for that last day.

On that fateful last day, Jin popped on us that he had held back 130ish eggs on us. With the 130+ that we collected (half were mine from trades that night before), we had more then enough to seal our win.

So long story, we ended up killing 871 bosses, 2 being succubus, 20 Hecate and the rest Giri. By the end, Rho was averaging 50-54 eggs per hour - almost an egg per minute, including bunching up for screenshots to slow us down. D:

When I decided to buy out eggs, I thought I would lose money from doing this event, but I was astounded when I found out that even totally ignoring the prize, I made a huge chunk of money from making synthesis items to sell from all the bosses we killed. Just the crafting left me hugely in the pluses and then prize added more money. I was really very happy.

So in the end, I had a lot of fun with this event. The Desire group gave us a real challenge. That just turned out to make it much more fun, but I don't think I want to see/kill Giri for a long, long time. /bleh

Aaro edit~ : This is what happens when you force Pearz to do something; it turns into something resembling a middle school essay by the end. "What I did in my Summer Vacation!"