That Boss Hunting Event

So we're coming right off the boss hunting event of last week. (Here!) It was Pearz that "first" saw the GM's announcement in the forums - I saw it first, really, and Rho and I talked about it, but it only materialized after Pearz got onboard. Wakaba was our support (she was really needed!) and JinOrJun was our other melee (3rd; for a boss that reflects melee, we really had a majority of them).

Our reasons for doing it were all different. Pearz and Rho really wanted the hourglass; I wanted the mags (because I knew that Rho would just steal my hourglass, anyway - she did); JinOrJun wanted the extreme exp (and extreme it was; we went from lv63 to lv70+); I don't know what Wakaba wanted, but I hope she attained it~

We had a choice of 4 bosses, but I think everyone knew it would just be about the Girimekhala. It's the most accessible; Kali and Succubus aren't spawn-controlled by players, and the statues for Hecate are harder to come by than the eggs for the Girimekhala.

We did about 25 eggs the first day, because that's how many we had in "reserves". (We, as a clan, do around 200-400 eggs a week, in order to level. It's dropped to 0 now because we're all really sick of that big cyclophant.) When Desire Group #1 (numbered for registration order; I'm not saying they're better than the other Desire group that did it too) joined, we got a taste of competition.

JinOrJun and I are veteran egg hunters. Pearz keeps saying that she gets 12-ish eggs per hour; I guess I'm super lucky because I'm more used to 18+ eggs an hour. Either way, we had two people that farmed on a regular basis and didn't mind farming a little more for the competition. (It really helped that JinOrJun and I are on a 5-hour time difference; we pretty much tag-teamed the hunting.) Pearz tried to farm, but then she resorted to just trying to buy them (and she's really good at this). Apparently, farming is so mindless that she can only allow herself to do it when she's already half-asleep.

We also got eggs through sheer coersion. Or, at least, Wakaba did. If you don't want to die, indeed. ^__^

Like I just said, Pearz and Rho got into the market two or three days before the end of the competition. The two of them wanted to match Xay (Desire Group #1 member responsible for getting eggs, as far as I know) at his trades, so they put up the same trades (and sometimes really blatantly). Because we have two synthesizers in our clan, they were also able to sell wind gods and flame blades. Getting eggs became our raison d'etre; we needed them. Nothing else mattered.

By the final day, we were pretty much tied. The Desire group had gotten a few big sales (as in, most likely in bulk of 50+ at a time) and the market was pretty much cleared out. Hunting for eggs takes practice; it was a hindrance sometimes to have part-time farmers taking spawn, but overall being a veteran still just meant that my gain dropped from 18+/hour to about 12+/hour. Still not bad; I just caught up to Pearz. We assumed that Desire would do about 100-150 on the final day; that was about the norm for both groups. I think, with the market dried out and farming having only garnered us about 70-ish on previous days (the only times we did more than that were when Rho+Pearz were buying eggs, and the market was pretty dry at this point), Desire was absolutely sure that that many eggs on their part would be enough (maybe even more than). Overall, it seemed like we would marginally lose, actually.

But then something magical happened. Rho and I had both forgotten, but this was generally our weekly schedule: 20 eggs a day with JinOrJun, and then about 100-ish on Saturday, during the double exp event. In the heat of the competition, and constantly thinking up ways to get more eggs, more numbers, we both forgot about this. But JinOrJun didn't - he had 125 eggs as back-up. In his words, he had been saving them in case we needed them. I can't thank you enough, Jun; I'm still really impressed.

We won by 154.

The only downside now is that maybe Rho and I have grown apart. Without the eggs, what do we have any more?! We're both lv71 now, and levelling off the eggs is tedious and hard. Plus, we're kind of sick of the boss for a while, so we don't really want to do a marathon session for some time yet. She's been randomly doing runs here and there, whenever she feels like it, and I've been doing some of her dirty work (like levelling things to crystallize for her to sell; am I being abused...?).

So yeah. That was the story of the competition. I may tend to ramble a little; expect a shorter post from Pearz about this. "A blurb about my thoughts and stuff" is what she said some time ago. She's lazy and procrastinates too much.

Oh. By the way, 30-second kill right here~ If you see the times, it's 22:54:07 and 22:54:48. That's 41 seconds, and then you take into account time to take the screenshot and them time to spawn. Rho, you are so strong~ /swoon

~Aaro off