Tribute to Xay (And PVP Update)

So, last night, Xay logged on. For those that don't know him: he was the first one to reach lv92 and is considered the Top PVPer of our time. He has been gone for over a month and briefly returned last night.

After a short chat, he revealed that he (like everyone else) is moving to Aion. He played some random rock-paper-scissors and dice roll games as he handed out all the stuff in his bank. He basically handed out all of his items, and passed the stuff on his back to random nubs and the friends gathered. Personally, I fail at luck and so failed at winning stuff. /anklez A lot of others walked away with a lot of shiny new stuff.

Afterwards, he played one last PVP match...where he reaffirmed how good he still is. Even with a month's absence, in the 1v1 fight between us, there was still a stalemate. This just shows that the new Item Mall gear changes really do only make a small difference. In the end, your skill as a player does define a large factor of how good you are in PVP in Megaten.

So, with this, Xay will be gone from Megaten for good. It'll be a while before another great player makes it as far as he did. I will be down one great rival for good now. ~sigh

Now, a small update about my personal PVP status:

My new Nyralathotep is done~ This makes my second PVP demon:

My first demon being my Loki:

I finally reached 200kBP. This is two-thirds of my way through to Blaze of Ambition. If only I didn't spend any BP, then I would be SOOOO close.

Small fun note: I posted that I couldn't PVP for one day, and so it got flooded with 7-8x Chaos players looking to farm some BP. It's funny how one player can influence all of PVP. Ego Boost +10