Dragon Nest - Ladder Rank 3rd!

Finally hit the top 3 on ladder. Though I am one of the controversial players on that board because of my gear. Here's to fueling the rage behind gear winning ladder matches! Climbing ladder ranking has been much easier due to Nichuu and Shuy being gone; Boro barely queues now. With the 3 of them not there to stomp me down, it was quite easy to climb. Skill still plays a much bigger factor in ladder ranking, gear just helps you win when it is a close match; which if you see the chat, would show I win by landslides often anyways. (+ my random trash talking to :3)

In other news, we should get the new level cap raise in the next week or two. PVP is suppose to be more balanced but those are also the people that claimed swordsman were OP. Considering our server's top ten has zero swordsman now (one that I personally knocked off and the other just randomly started losing) I think is safe to say they were never the ones to be feared.

My "Pearz" character is almost level 24 now, I might try and put her on the top ten ladder too, but it will be quite difficult. Mystics are a bit more difficult to win with. I'll see how it progresses once I start PVPing as a level 24.

Random Dragon Nest update over~