An Innocent Observation

I won't lie: we started this blog as a clan because of this. It's just the truth; Rho and Pearz wanted that AP prize and I was pulled along for the ride.

But then you look here (basically just a post by GMTaz on page 27) and it's all just almost disgusting. It's one thing to decide to change from 10 winners to 5; I do agree with Pearz' announcement that the (some of) "entries aren't even finger paint". It's also acceptable that they can't continue the contest any longer; truth be told, if they can't even handle one iteration, it's doubtful that they can handle it being every month.

But to not announce the winners? To just say "we will award all the qualified blogs with AP for their submissions and excellent blogs"? What's that all about? Technically, you can award NO ONE with this kind of wording. Your excuse: none of the blogs were, really, qualified enough. The benefit: no one really hears that their submission was worthless, so there's no "just shut up and give me my AP" flaming. In reality: you got away with a contest failing due to lack of attention/time/devotion (and, most of all, competency), free publicity (I guess it can be called that when you tell someone to write a blog and they instead make an "informative website"; it's still spreading the word), and lots of ire from players (although most will forget in due time - maybe a week is long enough).

Just an observation.

~Aaro off