Aaro is 71 For Those That Care

I like killing those tiny blue elephants, for some reason. I realized this when I had half an hour yesterday of nothing to do, so I popped a speed pill and went hunting. I don't even need eggshells anymore - in fact, I lost count of what I had, and just dumped it all off on an alt. It's more the killing Ganeshas that's making me happy. I'm sure this is blasphemous in some way or the other. (For those that don't know: Ganesha is a Hindu god. Here.)

I've been levelling Rho2 lately - the synthesizer of the clan. Well, that's not really fair; Phrym (Pearz's alt) is also a synthesizer. Anyway. Pearz was super sneaky and made Phrym the sub during that boss hunting event; that character went from 50-something to 60-something I think. I felt the need to catch up with Rho2. She's 61+ now, I think. Not 100% sure. Now that I seem to have amassed two alts full of eggs, I guess it's time to go on a levelling spree again. Rho2 needs to be an amazing synthesizer by the time I'm through with her. >_>

In other news, I just found out that making a Fenrir into a Nimble Fenrir drops its level down from 57 to 40. I don't know how much I want it anymore. I was actually trying to (kind of) be a Pokemon breeder and give it some semi-acceptable skills. But that was mostly dependent on it being lv57; that was a pretty high number. I guess I could just not make it "nimble" - but then what am I supposed to ride?! Ah, I give up. I'll just go make those Fenrir crystals for Rho and leave my own Fenrir plans alone for now. (Anyone notice that, for some reason, I'm always the one making Rho's crystals? I wonder if I get compensated for this...)

~Aaro off