Ragequit Dragon Nest NA

Had to uninstall from Control Panel

I have never farmed and never played Dragon Nest for PVE content. Over the last 2 weeks, the lag on the servers have just gotten worse and worse. I imagine it is probably just as bad being a Mystic as Ele.

With no super armor skills and stopping to cast all our skills, any bit of lag knocks us out. When trash players can win just by spamming and skills will hit, I think it is time to quit.

Sad for Nexon as I am probably one of the biggest cashopers on the server and with Cerb update, players like me dump alot of money to just buyout the set. Just sad that the bots are gone and the lag is still getting worse.

So my final accomplishment was being 1/3 top Eles on the server that were always named. I was the highest rank of the 3 of us and topped out at Rank 3 on ladder and consistently in the top 10 (average rank probably 4-6) I genuinely enjoyed playing Dragon Nest PVP but lag has always ruined games ~ Sigh Sigh.

Btw: Still waiting on Fate/Zero in better quality then 360p D: This also gives me chance to play Fate/Extra more!

Link to my post for my own reference D: