History of Rain? Kind Of History Of Aeria Megaten Too

First post~

Or so I wanted it to be. See: Rho told me about the blog. Then she told me that I "had" to write in it. Then she told me to come up with a "good" introductory post or so. What she didn't do is give me the link until a number of days later. Thank you, Rho; somehow, I haven't become accustomed to your deceptions yet. >_>

Yes, yes, Rain has another member. o.O I know, zomg, right? For those that don't know, Rain is a clan of 3 people (so exclusive!). There's surely a reason for this. Rho and I played Closed Beta as of December 19-ish. I was bored, she was semi-playing DOMO, I found Megaten, she got stolen from DOMO, and thus began our Megaten addiction.

In the early days, all she complained about was how she failed to keep herself alive (I was melee; she was gunner), and also how girls seemed somehow naturally imba (I got about 2 bonus points every level or every other level; she didn't know what "bonus points" were until she accidentally levelled on my account one day). So, yes, I had to sit through her rants from back then, until one day she got bonus points! ...and the rants kind of continued, but I'd learned to tune her out by then.

(This is actually the day we made Rain. She was bored and stood in an empty Shinjuku Babel Channel 1 looking cool and taking screenshots.)

She picked up a clan permit one day, for Home III, and she decided to make a clan. And, naturally, she was master, I was sub, all was well. We didn't really know when CB was going to end; I remember we geniunely considered skipping our Christmas plans because there was a rumour that CB was to end on the 26th. (We didn't skip our plans, Rho made me turkey dinner, CB actually ended December 31st.)

So here's Open Beta. We started back up again the day the servers came online. Our first goal was to make money through plasmas - early game, that's where you want to be (until the Item Mall came out, of course; now you have a choice between plasmas and AP). I'm still melee, and she's a mage now (also a Demo Dasher capable of accomplishing great feats that make me shudder and shake in awe). Somehow or the other, Pearz the Melee ended up in our clan. I want her gone. Ah, no, I really don't. She's from DOMO too~ Rho stole her! ^^ And here you have this 3-people clan. We're exclusive, I guess, somehow or the other. Ha ha...

We're somehow a Level 5 Clan, although I'm not too sure how that happened. We made mules for random things only to delete them later; while one of us was on a mule, it was hard to talk, so we invited the mules to the clan as well. We have our alts (the synthesizers Phrym and Rho2, the main money mule Aari, and so on). Once Rho was told that she should disband Rain, and the three of us should join this other clan (poacher!). The reason: "You should play with friends; it's a social game."

And here in is my (obligatory) Megaten information session. I figure I probably should. Here's the Wikipedia link - but, more importantly, here's the Aeria link. ^^ It's not a hard game to pick up; the controls and objectives are relatively simple. The storyline acts do exponentially get harder, but they're hardly impossible. The advent of the demon system (like pets!) is really amazing to play around with; higher levels mean higher-levelled demons that you can get, too. Like all MMOs, end game and elitism are subjective. We've personally devoted ourselves to getting good gear (I don't wear mass-produced, store-bought, un-modded stuff; people just don't see my gear because I hide in corners =D), making good gear, etc, etc - it's very social.

So there's Rain~ Kind of following the history of Aeria Megaten, right? We've been with the game since halfway through CB, and we've been with it through the ups and downs. You're absolutely welcome to say hi if you see us in-game - with the exception of Pearz's (sometimes) indecipherable bad English, we're really friendly.

~Aaro off