Pearz intro? :O

So hi: Pearz here, pew pew. Starting off with small intro: I'm a level 72 (atm) pure melee. Just some showoff-ness: here's links as to how I look and what my gears are if you've never seen me before.

Kali = +2 Strength, +10 crit
Azumi = +2 Strength, +2 Luck, +5 Ice resistance
Soul Stone Boar = +20% Electric damage, +10 Electric resistance
Tanki = Perm super armour (I can't be knocked back, it's gonna be nerfed in a later patch)
Cerberus + Orthus = +50 Fire damage, and all stat debuffs don't work
Yakinshi = +1 Strength for team, +20 crit
Soul Stone Water bearer = +20% Ice damage, +10 Ice resistance
Lilam = Nulls Sleep
Soul Stone Scorpian = 20% penetrate damage, +10 penetrate resistance (purely for my Gae Bolg skill*; what a waste, huh? ^_^)
Quetzalcoatl = +10 resistance to Fire/Ice/Electric/Force
Nozuchi = +10% spin damage

Legion = +20% damage to Ariels (basically any mob that flies)
Surt = +20% damage to Gods, +10% Fire damage
Aquan = 2% Ice damage, Soul fuse turns blade into ice-based weapon
Earthies = 2% thunder damage
Flamies = 2% fire damage
Aeroes = 2% wind damage
Soul Stone Bull = 20% charge damage, 10 resist to charge
Loki = gain a life-leach attack, and +15% to magic base attack

*Gae bolg gives a skill that lets you use a penetrate-type long-range skill that's very strong.

So enough about my gear; just short intro. Also got a synthesizer who's an alt that gets no love. And my armors and stuff are all low max dura since I'm too lazy to repair. I do it all at once when I feel it's low enough. D: (Like my hawt 4/5 dura drill comp XD.)
For now, my favourite item is my new Mistilteinn. Cost me a fortune to buy and then an even larger fortune to upgrade it to what it is now. I'll get over it soon when I find a new toy to play with. XD /short attention span.

All I do now is hunt for the rare Emperor Sword: attempts today = 20. So far I'm at over 300+ attempts. I either fail at luck or this thing is hellishly rare T_T. I'll get it one day. It's not even that useful; just want it 'cause it's flashy XD. Got nothing much more. /sleepy - will post more random stuff later.

Nice long stretched post with small intro; more to come. ^_^