Rho's First


i hi~
I guess it's time for my intro =9

I'm level 70 fire mage, that's right, in a game all about exploiting weakness and countering, I focused on one affinity. =) I assure you I'm not crazy though. If you watched the video, you can tell it works! lolz

I don't have super flashy gear to show off like Pearz, but I do have some pretty stuff I'd like to share. =p


Thank you JinOrJun for the Dust of Death =D You're awesome.
I have three Phantom stars; still looking for one more ._.

Not showing you stats and mods on them. xP

Good ol' Rho2. I think if it wasn't for Rho2 and her synthesis, I wouldn't be where I am now. Training synthesis was brutal at the beginning - here's a glimpse!


t's my sea of broken promises! ._. I'm a terrible person.

Afterwards, the biggest thing in our Megaten lives is boss hunting.


Aaro vs Giri
The score thus far is probably Aaro:1000+ Giri:7 (lolz)


laying gods!

I wonder what the future of Megaten has in store for us. =) But we'll keep you updated!