C Cube 05 - Just the Tip, He Said

This week's episode pretty much picks up right where last week's left off: Fear choosing to fight rather than idle around, and with Kirika right at the front door. It resolves the fight with Peavy, gives a bunch of info on Kirika, and hints at the future plot. Blood and battles aside, I thought it was just an okay episode, though I really like Kirika.

After a whole lot of "trusting for no reason" and "being selfish," Peavy cut open Kirika after using her to lure out Fear. Surprisingly, Fear was able to remain sane. At this rate, we won't get to see any more of her crazy faces! I thought this scene was rather interesting, too. From the fight, Peavy seems to have broken her arm, and have her eye stabbed. We also learn that she hates Waas because of what they did to her parents. In her final moments, she cried out to Mummy Maker to save her, only to realize that she already killed her. It's as though the writer wants the audience to sympathize with her, so it wouldn't be out of the question to see her again in the future.

Aw, we didn't really get to see any bondage action. The latter half of the episode was largely Kirika-centric. Apparently, she has possession of two Waas, Gimestorante's Love, and Kurokawa Karen. The bondage armor healing external injuries seems rather useful, yet impractical for any kind of one on one battle, since it left her incapacitated for a period of time. 

Next we get a bunch of info-dumping on Kirika. As suspected, she's part of an organization that has to do with Waas, though it seems that it's not one that directly opposes the Knights of Gathering; it's just that they have conflicting interests. She also mentioned that her organization is a minature country her brother made. It's likely that we'll get to know about her brother in the future. Last week, I suspected that the night assailant wasn't Mummy Maker, though I didn't expect her to be Kirika. As long as they keep bringing in these little surprises, and having more bloody battles, it should be entertaining to watch.

Finally, we close the episode with an intentionally misleading scene. The plot from here on out will likely be collecting more Indulgence Discs to prevent Fear from going insane. That's too bad, her craziness was fun. I know Fear will get a lot of spotlight, Konoha is rather boring, so I hope we get to see more of Kirika in the future.