Phai Brain Kami no Puzzle - 04 - The Girl of the Secret Room

A few brief things before I dive into the episode itself.
I am really starting to love the opening theme; it's one of the few enjoyable songs compared to some of the other shows this season. I will not go into detail about why exactly I am beginning to endlessly enjoy the song, since that would require a post on it's own, and that just might be a future topic I would work on. I will stop myself from going any further and just say that I enjoy it for being kind of techno/industrial-ish. Here's a link for anyone wanting a listen.
The facial art style is starting to bother me a bit, I know I said it wasn't that big of a deal in the first episode, but now its bugging me with how it lacks quality, then again I think i'm trying to compare to the expensive Guilty Crown budget.

Overall, I find the show's progression to be quite balanced and evenly distributed, there is a good mix and flow of characters, plot devices, puzzles, and side comedy, with small bits of Nonoha's love interest with Kaito. This episode was by far my favorite, I even enjoyed the puzzle, mainly because it had nothing to do with the regular puzzles we have been seeing, and it was on a much more personal level. The puzzle's theme fit the character it revolved around, rather than another lame Sudoku that doesn't require any originality, even the prize at the end and background history between the old lady and her deceased famous artist husband was felt as a happy ending.
I don't think Kaito will be taking any of the treasures this time.

I was happy that Kaito didn't need the Orpheus band to help him out with the puzzle, it shows that he is still Einstein without the use of the rest of his brain, since he goes above and beyond everyone else whenever he unlocks his full potential, which seems OP since no one else can do this.

Birds, cats, what else does Ana attract and talk with?
This episode introduces what could possibly be our final important character, I'm not including white afro guy, since we have already seen a bit of him and it's obvious we are due for his true introduction. Ana Gram, the name itself means a play on words and it can sum up how they were able to solve the Sage puzzle by rearranging the art works on the wall. Ana, is the newest cooky chick that appears as a rival to Nonoha for Kaito's love interest. Ana goes by the title of Da Vinci, for her creative and ingenious works of art. Ana is an oddball who can talk with animals and doesn't mind it when stray cats start climbing her. It seems she will fill the weirdo role for the show. It actually turns out that Ana is a guy, even I was shocked by this, I mean, he clearly looks like a girl, I guess this just adds to the list of his cooky-ness.

I think it has EVERYTHING to do with you Kaito. 
A bit of humor is added with Nonoha using a "sucker for girls" Gammon, to look into the building in an attempt to find out what Kaito and Ana are up to. Clearly showing her interest in Kaito and her temporary jealousy for Ana spending time with him alone.

Who the hell takes a bath in front of a giant window anyone can see into?
Looking forward to more info on Rook's character, as well as how our band of heroes will all be working together to solve tougher Sage puzzles. I still hope we don't see anymore Sudoku or other sort of stupid everyday common puzzle with a deadly twist.