Guilty Crown 03 - School Harem Creation Time!

So we have an episode where our main character runs around pulling voids out of his classmate that look suspiciously like they are being raped. It was an informative episode at least, even if they had to deliver it all in the form of info dumping, but then again, good story telling is dead already; This is to be expected. How else can they find time for more fanservice scenes!

This was extremely useful, she is a singer which explains why she had that weird singing thing going on in the first episode. At least it wasn't random fanservice at the start of the anime to pull in more viewers... wait it was... Hopefully it will mean we will keep getting more songs throughout the anime; I love insert songs, especially from Supercell!

That feel when the main character realizes he is useless. Luckily we have Mr. Perfect come save the day. Funny enough, the second he did that, I knew he was either going to die or betray our main character. I was just expecting it to happen a bit later then within the same episode he was introduced.

As always, this guy displays how perfect he is. I swear something is going to happen to him too. Either he betrays the main character or he dies, the only fate of good characters. They can never just play along nicely, it would be too easy. My guess is he eventually gains the same power as main character and tries to eliminate him now that he is useless.

Onto the fun stuff, our main character literally running around school sticking his hand into everyone. His first attempt... What was he thinking? There were people all around to see it, he is lucky he failed. I mean, pulling those items out of them were pretty much like rape. I think I am missing something, but who is this girl? Is she another childhood friend? At least now they explained how voids work and all voids everything is useful. At least they made their stupid excuse that it only works fir people under 17! How else can explain a cast of people under that age!?!??! Great job filling that plot hole every anime has with such an amazing reason!

I guess next episode we will finally be out of our school life and back to a bit more action. I missed this on the first watch, but the main character's mom seems to be working for the enemy. I assume that will play an important roll in the future. Slightly redeeming episode since they revived a bit of potential this episode. Maybe we will have less cliches in the future episodes too!