Mirai Nikki Ep03 - Early Predicament

The best part of this episode was its ending, We are left with a huge thriller cliffhanger that makes me beg for the next episode, but lets go over what happened before I was shaking in my boots with excitement.
Oh Yukki, too funny.
The majority of the episode was dedicated to Ynuo and Yukkii enjoying a romantic slice of life at the amusement park. I have noticed that each episode so far has a different direction, or different pace. The first episode was all about introducing the mysterious and eeriness theme, the second episode was all about action, this episode was more about character side stories before a return to the thriller scene. Which is boring. I was rather surprised that the episode took such a different approach, however I can see how awesome the first action packed episodes were, so I understand why they would need to simmer it down a bit and build up more tension. I still find it forgettable though.

After being told to act as bait, Yukkii and Yuno are sent to the amusement park to kill time, as Kurusu works on the steps needed to capture Uryuu. While they do so, Yukkii notices a cuter Yuno who gets scared of haunted houses and enjoys thrill rides. Yukkii kept wondering why she was stalking him in the first place, and decides to ask a midst the sunset at the top of the ferris wheel. As it turns out, they once chatted about their futures a year ago, with Yuno telling Yukkii that she would become his bride when they grew up. Yukki is surprised that it was the only reason, however Yuno refuses to tell him any additional reasons.
At least we have some background info now to help us understand Yuno and Yukki better, although it is still very vague as to why Yuno likes him.

Ouch, i'm sure she would have answered without the torture method.
The episode is told in a different order that mixes up the events of Yuuki and Yuno's day at the park with Uryuu's attempt to escape the city. Uryuu ends up being caught by a new diary holder, however her diary never changes and it seems this new diary holder has a few tricks up his sleeve after subduing Uryuu.

After the end of the trip to the park, Yuno invites Yukki inside to share an apple. Nothing says romance like sharing an apple without power, am I right?

There were barely any clear images but it appears to be some sort of dead thing.
This is where things finally get creepy and mysterious, Yukki decides to open a mysterious door and viola, It appears there are some dead bodies or something hidden here, which alters everyone's diary entries, changing fate it would seem. We are left to assumptions, as this was the mystery that leads us to the end of the episode. All we know, is Yuno is chasing Yukki back home while returning to her psycho ways.
Yukkii you've got creeper mail.
Overall the episode was pretty slow and uneventful. It was nice seeing things from Uryuu's perspective as she works her way past the pain in her eye to try and escape the city. We did get a brief intro to a new diary member who (from my guesses anyway) acts as a sort of trickster. Ultimately, the producers wanted to show more "normal" situations for Yukkii and Yuno. The show was very interesting at the end with the thriller cliffhanger, which is what I was referring to at the start of the post. I was literally shaking with excitement to find out just what was inside the room Yukkii opened, and what effect did it have over all the diary holders?