Last Exile: Fam 03 - The Loli Puppet Ruler

A rather slow episode considering the nice pacing they been having in the last two episodes. I still have high hopes for this anime, maybe it is because they are adding a new female loli to the cast. Hopefully things will pick up next episode with Slyvius (wasn't it Slyvana?) which is where more of the old cast will probably reappear again.

She looked much better with long hair then she does with short hair at the end of the episode. I am really disliking her character, rash and useless. She just stomps around as a princess and is absolutely useless like all princesses. Why does she get so much screen time, I wish she suffered the same fate as her sister, or maybe if the sisters switched places it would have been fine too.

A new loli leader appears for the "enemy" side. They seem to be crushing this war like nothing, this leads me to wonder why they were at war in the first place. This seems quite one sided, I doubt they even needed to ambush the treaty summit to even win. I am not surprised, the "good" side has terrible tactics. At least our young ruler knows a bit about ruling a nation already. If only she wasn't being used as a puppet ruler, things might be looking pretty good for their nation.

This was a nice touching scene at least. Even sky pirates are not savages, despite the pirate name. It was a very nice ritual to show off more nice scenery in this anime. I guess it is sometimes nice to slow down to remember the lives lost for their plundering. I guess I got used to these things being overlooked since all the one that died were nameless characters. Usually, ceremonies only occur when characters of note die.

Still best girl btw

Hopefully next episode will pick up with them trying to raid the Slyvius. From what I am looking at, the change in name is because it is version two of the ship. Hoepfully that is the case and not horrible subbing. More pew pew, less QQ sums up what I am hoping for in my anime!