Mashiro-Iro Symphony 04 - This Hurts so Much!

Well this was an absolutely brutal episode. From the tsundere going pure deredere to that random new tsundere popping up with no warning. This has securely put the purple hair as the best girl of this show by not having any major faults unlike the rest of them; Cosplaying is always a plus too.

Seriously, there was one correct line for this "No you may not enter, go die." Instead we go deredere route and she lets him in to her home, her heart and probably inside her too, bleh. She is the worlds worst tsundere. I can't believe I hate her more then I hate the imouto now, I didn't think my hate for that character could be surpassed; I was wrong.

Then we get this WTF trash red head. She was a perfectly decent character and then randomly flips out. Good job with character consistencies! Usually you see signs of her hate before it just explodes, this is what you call quality story telling. You must replace the tsundere or the fans might leave! I can't believe I could hate so many of the girls in one show now, sigh.

Pro tip: That is NOT a weakness. That is like answering the what is your weakness question at an interview with " I think I work too hard!" Damn this guy for these trash lines and even worse with the girl buying it. Never has my rage boiled so hard in one episode. Everything was just rage worthy in this episode. This is leaving me pondering if he will be picking this girl since they seem to be heading down this route.

At least we have one glimmer of hope, that he picks her. I know there is a high likelihood I will be gravely disappointed,  but what is life without hope? At least I can go to sleep knowing this post wasn't procrastinated like my Fate/Zero post! Just so much rage that I couldn't stop from making post right away D: