Guilty Crown Ep 01-02

I had a difficult time trying to blog about the first episode on it's own, so I will post episodes 1 and 2 here.
To start, Guilty Crown was produced by the same group that gave us Code Geass. Being a huge Lelouch fan, I found that Guilty Crown failed my expectations, and delivered what seemed to be a rip-off of Code Geass. If you haven't watched Code Geass, I strongly recommend it, and if you have indeed seen it, then you too will notice the similar themes.

Ah, evolution.

We are introduced to a troubled Japan, which is facing an apocalyptic deadly virus that has crippled it's economical state. Other nations have stepped in to aid the distraught country, and while doing so, they have somewhat taken over Japan.

The first episode introduces our main characters, Shu, a high school student who is a coward and wimp. Shu meets up with a mysterious girl named Inori, and gains the ability to use the Void Genome. This is a power that allows Shu to transform the essence of one's life into a weapon or tool. Apparently Inori is working with some group to steal the Void Genome from a research facility, Shu gets caught up in the mess and so the story unfolds.

The first episode was a struggle for me to watch, I constantly felt like i was watching a new version of Code Geass. There are a lot of similarities between Guilty Crown and Code Geass, such as how a high school boy attains an odd power, with the help of a mysterious girl, while giant mechas police the city. I could talk all day about the similarities and my disappointment for the first episode, however it seems the producers knew what was good about Code Geass and decided to implement them into Guilty Crown to re-create another success. At this point in time however, I am not to thrilled about it, but we will see further down the road, as to whether or not they can capture the success of Code Geass.

The only scene from Ep01 I enjoyed where Gai kicks ass
Putting the similarities from episode one aside, the second episode was much better than the first, we are introduced to some new faces and learn more about the main factions. The two factions consist of the enemy "Anti-Bodies", a group given full power over choosing who lives and dies as a result of the infection, they basically go around killing off locals whenever they want. The second faction is the rebel underground group called "Undertaker", lead by Gai, they aim to stop the killings of innocent people from the Anti-bodies. Gai is quite the bad-ass, and displays intelligence, as well as determination to take a stand and change things.

Our main character Shu, is quite the wimp, so it will be interesting to see how a kid with no backbone can handle his new-found power. Episode 2's intro carried over the action with Shu tearing apart mechas with his sword he conjured from Inori. It seems he is able to create weapons or objects through peoples souls, or very existence. Using Inori, he was able to wield a massive sword to cut down the enemy, and ensnare a trap around the Anti-bodies .

Our mystery girl Inori, creates a bond with Shu after being used as a sword with him earlier, while remaining as an unknown character with a lack of info and personality. She appears useless, other than harnessing her life to power the Void Genome. Next we have the introduction of our spoiled brat Daryl, It seems he is quite the normal guy, but emotionally snaps constantly, as if he has some sort of split personality that surfaces rather quickly. I look forward to Daryl's character since he will be representing the psycho for this show.

After watching episode 2,  I am looking forward to the development of these characters with the show starting to take shape. I do not know what to expect from the next episode, seeing how Shu declined the offer to join Undertaker, although we all know he will end up with the at some point. I really hope this doesn't turn out to be a high school thing, and I really really hope we don't see Daryl end up joining the school as well, since I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say "we want the action on the battlefield, not in the classroom".