Ben-To 04 - A New Harem Addition

So I wasn't full on target for my guess, she was a cousin. This show is so mind numbing but they do it so damn well. I am extremely entertained while watching this show, this is what you get when you mix random humour with decent battling with a slight plot. Weekends are just amazing with all these great shows to watch.

So pretty much her job is to be a cock tease for our main character. Unsurprising that she was a wolf too, I mean they still haven't introduced enough different wolves to battle it out. As the main focus of the episode, she did an awesome job stealing the episode. I still wonder how they were friendzoned D: Flashback plox.

What is an episode without our awesome yurilicious girl. At first I thought she only had eyes for that brown haired girl, but I guess any girl will do for her. God she is way to awesome a character, I propose a spinoff series centered around just her and her conquering exploits. The amount of viewership would be astronomical!

I think what really gets me is the random humour in this show. Maybe it is just my taste, but the jokes are slightly more tasteful and just timed at the right moment. This show always keeps me laughing at the absolute wackiness. It isn't easy to get that good balance between jokes and a decent story as a backbone.

At least the Ice Witch had some sense unlike the main character. It was a really nice touch after the epic battle between the two wolves. Generally I would find a scene like this unfitting in an anime of this genre, but it was melded in just perfectly imo. It is all these small touches that make this anime really stand out from the other humour ones.

So we get briefly introduced to a new enemy. I am guessing someone that is trying to hunt down all the wolves to establish himself as top dog(wolf). Interesting how well they will meld this new enemy into the story. This anime is definitely the perfect anime to relax to on a weekend right before I sleep.