Gundam Age 04 - The White Wolf

Well, that was a better episode then I was expecting. It is still miles away from being epic level of some of the other shows, but it is still a decent watch. If the art style was better (or more to my liking I should say) I'd put it around the bar with Guilty Crown level except without whoring out a character to get more viewers.

So the new character of the episode is a super pro pilot, the best of the best apparently. He sure didn't seem that good though. I mean any pro pilot would small the scent of battle and joined in to save Nora. At least all the pro pilots I know could do that. His ego at least matched his title,  you can't be known as the best without an ego with a size to match.

Seriously, she is a buzz kill. I can't wait to the main character tells her that she is forever friend zoned. You have to roll with the punches like the purple haired girl, that is why she is so much better. I can understand not wanting her lover in the line of fire, but he was the ONLY ONE to be able to beat a UE. At one point the fate of your race kinda matters. Not that it will mean much soon as I am pretty sure those UE will be dropping like flies.

Super genius line, why did they even try to engage with marker weapons. They couldn't beat the UE with real guns in a full base, so some mock weapons would do now? I would assume first instinct would be to run back to the ship for at least real weapons to fend off the UE. The power balance is quickly being skewed. It went from an undefeatable enemy to multiple ones being shot down in one episode. Now we have marker guns being good enough to find one off. This is just going to shit really fast.

So our captain apparently knows what this unknown enemy is, my guess is on aliens. They expanded too far and stepped into another civilizations turf. Hopefully they won't just leave us hanging and actually tell us what it is. The aliens also gave up pretty quick to chase down the mechs that spotted them. I guess they had a bigger mission to attend to. I just pray some semi-balance exists, though I think I am asking for too much. I already see it now, a seed skill activates and the main character is going to shoot down 10 of them at once, sigh sigh.