Guilty Crown Ep03 - Void Sampling

How does he struggle with a robot that can't reach him?
This episode was all about Shu and Inori running around the school teaching us about Voids. It was quite the info dump, including dumb rules about your victims being 17 or under to be able to pull Voids out of them. There were a few rules for pulling Voids out, and like I guessed back in my previous post, Voids represent the heart of each person, so each Void is unique. It will be interesting to learn why Inori's Void is a sword, although I'm sure well find out in some sort of romantic scene when the two characters develop feelings for each other.

I had a few issues watching the episode, as I seem to have with the while show altogether. It was pretty obvious with all that Yahiro screen time he would have something to do with Shu. I figured Yahiro would either die or betray Shu, since there's really no other reason for a full blown introduction for such a minor character.
OMG get over it.
I really don't understand why Shu has to be such a looser, he makes a joke with his classmates before being called an idiot by guy who is obsessed with Inori. Judging by the passing of time, Shu is all emo and feels sorry for himself between P.E. class till the end of the day. Why did we need to see this? I really don't understand how we can have such awesome characters like Lelouch from Code Geass then have such a wimp that makes Yukkii from Mirai Nikki look "like a boss".

Of course only the main characters have interesting Voids.
Well at least this episode sets us up for hopefully more action next week with an exit from the high school setting. There was more development between Shu and Inori when she asked if she could stay with Shu forever, although Inori still acts like a doll and needs more personality. We did get a brief view at the next general or antagonist of Shu, hopefully he will put on more a of a show than the last guy who bit the bullet in Ep02.