C Cube 04 - My Little Mummy Maker Can't Be This Cute!

Color me pleasantly surprised. After the ending of that first arc last week, I fully expected more of a slice-of-life episode. Instead we get a decent bit of action, more blood, a loli dying, and more crazy faces. I really like the direction this show is going. Though we haven't seen them back in their high school setting since the first episode, I think we'll eventually see them back there, which should prove to be less interesting, unless of course Peavy chooses to attack them there as well.

So this is Mummy Maker, or Amanda Carlot just to get the viewer on a more personal level with her before killing her off. Her burn marks and Peavy's lack of an arm remind me of Hanako and Rin (KS release when!?). They build her up to be a cute loli with a shy personality, and apparently abused by her parents. Don't you just want to hug her? She's even willing to negotiate with the enemy to prevent some unnecessary bloodshed. Unfortunately, that's what got her killed, or appeared to be killed I should say. I wouldn't be surprised if she was able to mend her own wounds with those Chupacabran bandages.

Remember when an Auxillary appeared at Haruaki's house during the night? When I was watching that I really thought that it wasn't Mummy Maker. When Fear attacked her it looked like she got a nice shot on the Auxillary judging by the amount of blood, but when we see Peavy's flashback of killing Mummy Maker, she didn't seem injured. This is also right after Kirika makes her suspicious call, though I'm not sure if there's a connection there.

That's one huge axe. I find it interesting that it was activated by blood. I remember an episode or two ago that Konoha (in sword form) also reacted when there was blood on her. Perhaps there is a set of identical properties that all Waas share. Peavy throwing up a little because of her hatred of Waas was a nice touch.

Haruaki's in trouble, Fear's about to go crazy again, and Kirika's right at the front door. The next episode should be another one full of action. Judging by her call, she might belong to an organization, perhaps one that's opposing the Knights of Gathering. I expect to see Kirika to put Peavy in some bondage torture next week.