Maken-Ki Ep 03 - the whole harem is here!

This guy was fighting her to become her boyfriend.  I don't want to imagine how the sex would break her.
It seems this week had a bit more story to balance out the censored (soft)porn-fest that was last week's Maken-Ki. Not that I hate the fanservice, but I do believe you can have too much of a good thing. And my penis will react for only so long. If I could have my way, I would cover this episode in screen captures with my amused sarcastic commentary in the captions. However, consistency and mild OCD dictates that I summarize - at least a little. Expect more pictures and shorter paragraphs.

As I expected, this week Ohyama saw another one of his roommates scantily clad; in this case - unclad. Haruko (and I believe it's her fault for walking out of the shower buck naked) mistakes him for one of the girls and moseys out asking to borrow their shampoo. In my humble opinion, she deserved to be seen stark naked on national television.

Upset from the morning's fiasco, Haruko is on a short fuse when it comes to Ohyama's mistakes. And he is a slave to Murphy's law, like the rest of us unfortunate souls. We are finally introduced to the perverted kindred spirit from the previous episode, Usui Kengo, and in an attempt to save Haruko from being molested by him, Ohyama, uh, grabs her breast instead!

This leads to wrath from another first year girl. This show has a lot of lesbianism in comparison to the previous episodes. My roommate is probably wondering just what I was watching given the loud, high pitched moans that were leaving my room. It's all very sexy. This girl - Minaya - likes pasta and Haruko. I bet you it's the big breasts. The love showered on any character is proportionate to their cup size.

We see Himegami. We do not see underwear. That is all.

I squealed a lot when my favourite character was finally legitimately introduced. Oh I love her so. She's a hybrid of badass and firecracker. When a boy destroys her shirt during a fight, it doesn't even phase her. She has the most substantial build of all the girls in the harem, and I'm not surprised considering the fights she gets into. She destroys her opponent who seems to be seven to eight times her size, only losing her undies in the process. It seem that she's unfazed by the world seeing her underwear (which to be honest is a lot more concealing than the swimsuits we see on this show), but is shy and embarrassed about flashing her netheryeya.

Ohyama, seeing the fight, decides that it is unfair to have unfair fights and that all fights must be fair. Haruko puts on her maternal smile and explains that that is what the Kenkeibu (disciplinary club) does. He signs up. So does Usui. And boy are they happy they did. Finally, we are introduced to the harem. These introductions are merely names and body types, but I'm sure we'll get to know them all intimately before the show's finale.

The club goes on a retreat to indoctrinate the new members. I remember being promised some Himegami dominatrix-style training. I was sorely disappointed on that frontier. The platonic, quasi lesbianism more than makes up for it though. According to Ohyama, the retreat was nothing but a "blue balling torture fest." So, there you go. You now know what to expect.

Why bother wearing a bathing suit at all.
We are treated to a few more deliciously erotic shots. Then suddenly, a ferocious bear attacks. It chases the boys. Of course. The girls swoop in to save them and we are introduced to the magical powers of two more girls. I think they are meh (read: lame. If you're going to be outrageous, go the distance with the audacity.). One can manipulate the mass and volume of inanimate objects. The other can draw things in sparkling lights in front of her and what she draws shows up at a position she dictates; "Like drawing SFX for manga."

To close, the name Maken-ki is explained. It is a portmanteu of the japanese words for magic disciplinary club. The new troops are finally indoctrinated!  The next episode is filled with panty thievery, I think.


ps. If anyone cares about Ohayama, he's apparently pretty strong: